plant leg pain

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plant leg pain

Postby bradktn » Thu Apr 20, 2006 5:41 pm

I've been working on my x-step, and have added significant distance on my drives, but by the end of a round my right (plant) leg is pretty sore, mainly my lower shin and ankle. My guess is that the torque of planting with my foot pointed left and then turning is aggravating it. Should I plant my foot aimed more straight? I'm RHBH, by the way. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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Postby Blake_T » Thu Apr 20, 2006 5:54 pm

generally i teach to point ~45 degrees from the target.

i would also recommend making sure your knee is bent and choosing what part of your foot you want to pivot on (heel vs. ball) and then work on an x-step that ensures a clean/smooth pivot.
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