Middle finger pain, base knuckle

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Middle finger pain, base knuckle

Postby one » Tue Sep 20, 2011 3:50 pm


Almost 2 months ago I was warming up for a round and hurt the base knuckle on my middle finger somehow. It didn't seem significant at the time -- enough so that I can't even be sure exactly what I did. I _believe_ I cracked my finger backwards (towards the back of my hand). I noticed within a few minutes even practice putts were hurting my finger pretty bad. We had actually driven 90 minutes out to the far side of the state, so I just went ahead and toughed it out, and threw 48 holes that day.

The pain was up and down throughout the day, definitely much more noticeable on drives, and especially anytime I tried to throw anything on an anhyzer angle (RHBH), and even then, more so with discs with deeper rims, particularly putters off the tee.

So I figured it was probably something minor, didn't throw for a few days, and went to go play a round. 3rd hole is a 500+ downhill anhyzer shot, and I cranked the piss out of it. It felt like someone tied a rope to my finger and the other end to a pickup truck, and tried to rip it off my hand. So I sadly walked off the course.

So I put off playing for about 10 days. The next time I went to throw, my finger seemed to feel fine through the first half of the course or so, and then again, on some anhyzer shot, I got the same pain, and it persisted through the round, although definitely not as bad.

After another couple weeks, I decided to go throw again, and the pain was very minimal, but on the 12th hole I threw an anhyzer rhyno off the tee, and it felt 5x worse than it ever had before. That was over 3 weeks ago.

Yesterday I went and decided to give it a go, and just throw a few shots in the field, to see how it was doing, as at this point I'm very concerned about long-term damage, and unfortunately I do not have medical insurance to cover a doctors visit, x-rays, etc. So the first 6 shots went fine, and I was intentionally throwing mostly anhyzer shots to "be sure" it was better. My 7th throw was again a rhyno anny shot, and there it was, shooting pain in my finger.

It seems when I continue to throw after it starts hurting, the pain spreads inbetween, and even over to my ring finger. Last night it was even hurting quite a bit afterwards, including a shooting pain down my middle finger when I would try to extend it fully.

At this point I'm convinced it must be tenon-related, but what the hell do I know?

Just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar, and/or could advise anything I can do to improve my situation.

To summarize:
Pain varying from dull to shooting, originating at the base of my middle finger on my throwing hand
Strangely no matter how bad it has hurt, no observable swelling
Seems especially triggered by anhyzer throws
Pain sometimes spreads towards ring finger
I throw RHBH with a climo-esque grip
At it's worst, pain exists when fully extending fingers as fully as possible

Sincere thanks to anyone with suggestions,
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Re: Middle finger pain, base knuckle

Postby JR » Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:19 pm

Tendons don't always swell much. They take a minimum of 3 months to heal to any sort of condition so you've never allowed it to get good again. Six months off is the minimum for more strenuous usage. Even after that you should avoid annies at high power first. Tendon damage can also come a day late with swelling hitting only on the next day. That comes from small tears in the membrane covering the tendon leaking out and bacteria creating an infection that may get worse when viruses hit it for a one two punch. Antibiotics won't help with viruses.
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