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Favorite courses

Postby Lets_Throwdown » Sat May 07, 2005 10:45 am

Hey guys and girls.

I wanted to know what some of your favorite courses are. Post links to pictures or something. Personally around the Cincinnati area, i really like Idlewild and Banclick woods parks. Idlewild is a super long course and is pretty open but has some tight holes that are pretty difficult. It has a hole the is a gigantic field and stretches out to be 1001' long. It a pretty difficult course. Banclick woods isn't too difficult. Its kinf of intermediate. It has holes varying from 150' - to close to 500'. Its just a fun course to go play. You can check out other local cincy courses on http://www.cincinnatidiscgolf.com/. Tell me about some of your favorites. I'm interested.

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Postby shanest » Sat May 07, 2005 2:03 pm

Camgaw Ski Hill - Mahwah, NJ
This course is brand spankin' new (opening day tournament is tomorrow), but it is an amazing course. 9500 feet, average hole is 529 feet. It plays up, down, up, down the ski hill. Has the most insane elevation changes I've ever seen. The woods holes are long, but very fair with much better fairways than many wooded courses. The more open holes are absolutely insane. 18 is perhaps the best finishing holes I've ever played (Warwick Blue-Blue might rival it). Built and designed by the same guy that did Warwick. Pro par is 70 or 72. Has potential to be top 5 in the country/world.

Warwick Town Park- Warwick, NY
Two tees and two baskets for every hole means 4 different course configurations, all aimed at differnet skill levels. 14 Blue to Blue is one of the most beautiful holes I've ever played. Elevated tee goes downhill to a fairly narrow chute (about 60 feet long) through woods. Opens up slightly to an oasis in the woods for the green. A stream encircles the basket and makes you decide whether to go for it or not. HUGE arms can try to go over the trees in 1, avoiding the chute. This is also an option from the shorter tee. Amazing hole and representative of the rest of the course.

Wickham Park- Manchester, CT
Absolutely beautiful course, absolutely beautiful park. Big field shots (that require placement) to short wooded ace runs. Overall, a challenging course. More amenities supposedly coming this year too (snack shack, disc sells). Jeff LaGrassa has an excellent write-up in Disc Golf Magazine of this park.

Maple Hill- Leicester, MA
Marshall Street is an amazing place with amazing people and two amazing courses. An amazing opening hole over a pond sets the tone for the rest of the round. Set on a christmas tree farm, this course uses several water hazards and has an excellent combination of open shots, wooded shots, etc. There are long baskets on every hole and a set of long tees is going in right now for a pro par of 68-72. Be sure to check out Pyramids just across the street.

Buffumville Lake- Charlton, MA
Excellent course on a military lake. Plenty of water. Long tees for all the holes that need it make the course even more challenging. Hole 16 is one of the most beautiful disc golf holes anywhere. You tee off on top of the damn and throw 570 feet downhill. The hole is surrounded by the lake on the right and just behind the pin, creating a peninsula effect. A row of very large, mature trees will get into your head being only 50-60 feet from waters edge. There are now 27 holes, and the back(est) 9 is very challenging with semi-open and woods holes that can make or break a round.
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Postby BThree » Mon May 09, 2005 8:39 pm

State Hospital Course, St Peter, MN:
This course, now closed, may be the most fun course I've ever played. Mostly short accuracy shots, but it is incredibly fun to take 4 guys out and play skins-any hole can just as easily be a 5 as a 2. Plus, sometimes the inmates are out in the caged area and they cheer you on the whole that goes near the fence.

Becker, MN:
This is a very fun all around course-long shots, short shots, open shots, tunnel shots, there is a good variety and the course is pretty well maintained. I've never seen it overly busy and those who trek all the way out there are usually decent players-no frat boys throwing up your back or not letting your group of 2 play through their group of 18.

Prentis Park, Vermillion, SD

Perhaps the only cool thing in the whole city of Vermillion. There are some long low ceiling shots, some ace opportunities, and its set in a beautiful park. The only bad thing is it is 10 holes crammed into a small area-good chance of getting smoked by an errant throw. But it has enough to offer more advanced players a challenge, while still being accesible to newer players.

Moir Park, Bloomington MN
Grab an Aviar or a Wizard, leave your bag in the trunk, and get a group of people to play a skins game here. Even with the old school saucer baskets, this course is a blast. Every hole is an ace opportunity, and a great place to work on your approach shots. Only downside is that the park can get crowded, but during the day, its definately worth the trek out there.

Least Fun Courses Ever:
Riverside, St Peter:
Full of bugs, you are gonna lose a disc, and the woodchips get in your shoes. My roomates loved this one, I'd almost rather not play than play here. The only upside is the fact that you'll probably find a disc while searching for yours.

Elk River, MN:
Short, open, not really challenging. The hardest hole is an 80 footer over a pond. Other than that, the only thing you get out of this is the guilty pleasure of having to yell "heads up" when the wind blows your drive over the skate ramp right to the left of #9 fairway.

Red Oak, Burnsville, MN:
Brushy, muddy, buggy. Just drive up the road to somewhere else-This course would be great if they cleared out some of the crap-there's a fine line between difficult and "screw it, we put in the poles, now we're done" and this one crossed it. Just really not much good to say about it.
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Postby garublador » Tue May 10, 2005 7:48 am

I recently had the oppertunity to play Walnut Ridge in Johnston, (Des Moines) IA. It's the hardest course I've played, but also one of the nicest and most fun. As long as you play safe, you can easily avoid losing discs, but you usually have the oppertunity to really go for it if you're feeling lucky. It has a mix of just about everything. There are a couple of long, open holes, a big hill or two, and some of the longest, tightest tunnel shots I've experienced.


The courses I go to the most are:

Kenneth Rosland Park in Edina, MN. This is a fairly short course in a park setting. I like it because I really get to work out my midrange discs. There are only two holes where a driver is really necessary and they're fairly big so it's not all just pitch and putt. I need to work on my midrange game so it's nice to do that someplace familiar


Basset Creek Park in Crystal, MN. This is a big longer course that's near a park, but not as integrated as the one in Edina. The holes are longer so I really get to work out my drivers and rarely have the need for midrange discs. There's a good wooded hole, a nice, open hole, both huge uphill and downhill drives and a really long hole that focues on course management. Plus, there's enough room for me to throw in a baseball diamond right there so I can do that as well.

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