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Help for a new course

Postby Drew » Wed Oct 11, 2006 11:03 pm

My college is putting in a course on campus, but it has no funding from the school. The course should be in the ground within 2 months. I intend on developing a student body club to try and get funding for the course and develop a core group of people to help manage the course. I am also looking into developing a leauge night at the course to bring in more of the local players and to help ensure that the course stays open to the public.

I need any advice that can be offered about organizing a leauge, ordering discs w/ custom stamps (likely college logo) for fundraisers for the course, aswell we were thinking of providing starter packs with driver midrange and putter that can be rented by the students that are new to the game. If there is any information as to what companies offer the best deals for fundraising discs for the college and the club and what discs would be good choices to sell and rent. Obviously we could sell some molds that appeal to more advanced players and rent discs that are really ideal beginner discs.

I am very enthusiastic and have a fair amount of time on my hands to invest in this, so any advice from all you experienced guys out there to help me do this right by me fellow disc golfers in the area and by the newcomers that we hope to attract would be much appreciated. Funds are not available yet, so i am still kinda shoping for deals, but we are deffinatly interested in purchasing some.

I was also wondering what it would take to host a discraft ace race. it sounds like a fun event that could raise money for the course and put a new disc in the hands of those people that would use it/enjoy it the most. This disc has no funding officially from the school, so the only way for this course to succeed is for donations of time and resources and to operate in a profitable manner. It will be free for everyone to play, but i am interested in any ways to raise money for the course through tournaments, or any other ways you guys could think. please let me know your thoughts/opinions, because i truly desire to do everything i can to give everyone involved a good experience while still being able to keep the course afloat.

thanks, Drew
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Postby krusen » Thu Oct 12, 2006 8:49 am

I recently got permission from the city park board to install a course in one of the parks. Similar to your position, the city doesn't have the funding for the baskets. I'm designing a tee sign with room for corporate sponsorship. I'm going to approach businesses with a finished tee sign as an example, and with a presentation about disc golf. I'm planning on asking $400 for a each hole, and $200 for a half hole sponsorship. If you have access and knowledge of AutoCAD I can send you an example of my teesign.
Also talk to your local non-profit organizations such as Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions or Elks Clubs etc.
Good Luck.
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Postby Amateur » Thu Oct 12, 2006 9:28 am

Might be worth looking into for you.
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Postby Weebl » Thu Oct 12, 2006 11:51 pm

I'm the vice president of the disc golf club at Cal State Monterey Bay, and Team Captain of our intercollegiate team. We're going to be puting on the west coast disc golf college open (name is to be decided tomorrow, as well as date of event) for the first time this year. There's something similar on the east coast, but nothing on the pacific side, so we're currently in the process of getting it rolling along with the help of Scott Keasy of DGA. First, get a formal letter written up for tee sponsorship and basket sponsorship. I advise not charging extra than what materials cost, and have a double sign for each hole, one side with the map, the other with the hole's sponsorship information. If you approach someone with a formal letter written up, with everything already to go, it's much easier to get sponsors. Some sponsors we have are restaraunts, a headshop (mary jane'z... don't ask how it passed college review...), disc golf stores, local disc golf clubs and even produce sellers. Hell, even hotels or something for when a big tournament happens there, out of towners have a place to go to help support the course.

Go to your schools department of sports and rec to see if they'll rent out discs to people (used DX plastic and other discs most people wont throw because they're so flippy are perfect for beginners looking to try it out) once they play a few times, its likely they'll buy their own. Contact a disc manufacturer to see if you can get sponsorship for a hole and maybe exclusively selling their wares on campus in return for deals on bulk orders of special hotstamped discs or whatever. It's important to just keep trying to get your name out there, most people in the disc golf industry will be more than happy to help out a college build a disc golf course or start a club.

My campus was lucky to feature the last course Steady Ed Headrick designed and offered the campus an awesome deal on 18 baskets and 18 tee signs. Since his passing, we have had another course built out here with the help of a local grandmasters pro. Talk to all the older fellows who play disc golf and are serious about good sportsmanship and willing to add to the growth of disc golf, they will be HUGE assets to you, in information and possibly someone who could teach a disc golf class worth credits in the future! PM me sometime, and we'll exchange numbers so hopefully we can talk about this more in depth. Best of luck until then.
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