How many holes for a course?

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How many holes for a course?

Postby The Clergyman » Sat Oct 28, 2006 1:07 pm

We are still in the design-play, redesign-play-more phase of our course. Come springtime we will have brand new baskets and be ready for the full install.
As we work things through it has really become obvious that there is only room for a very good 9 holes (we'll put two pins on every hole so that there is an actual 18). There does not seem to be room to stretch to 12 but I can get a very nice 10 or 11 hole course (x2 with two baskets at each hole) in if I wanted to.
So here's the question, who's ever heard of a 10 hole course? Is such a thing done? Am I better off leaving it at 9 (as per the advice of the PDGA and having it be a multiple of three)? The more holes the better I say - the more to play, the more variety. But if we install 10 or 11 holes does that somehow come off as just not right?
Also, how important is flow? I mean, having the last hole pin out basically where the first tee is. Obviously we're working within the confines of a small park here - so is it really a big deal if you have to walk across a well groomed grassy surface for 500 feet to get to your car after your round is finished?
How vital are these things?
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Postby Thatdirtykid » Sat Oct 28, 2006 2:20 pm

flow on the course is improtant, finishing right next to your car is alittle less imprtant. I would say stick to 9 and make them 9 good ones. It may also not be a bad idea to go w/ 10 baskets and possibly use one for a practice basket, you can even set it up so that you play from near hole 9 to the practice basket for a fun end of round hole. My schools course is a 9 hole coruse, and we made a 10th hole safari hole (which would be the best hole on the course if there was a basket, and it wasnt a bad area for ped traffic) we play it to span the 1000 feet to the tee for hole one.
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Postby roadkill » Sat Oct 28, 2006 6:50 pm

I agree with dirty. Flow is very important and it's nice when a course loops back to its starting point every 9 holes. Try to leave some room between the tees and the previous hole's green. Trying cram an extra hole or two in just isn't worth it if it disrupts flow or creates unneccessary walking.

It's nice to have a practice area with two baskets so players can practice putting while they wait to meet up with others without interfering with those playing the course.
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Postby some call me...tim? » Sat Oct 28, 2006 7:27 pm

I agree with both of the previous posts. One course near me is on a very small plot of land, ~3 acres or so. They actually have 18 holes on it, but a lot of the holes are shared holes, i.e. hole 1 and 10 share the same basket, but they have different teepads. Though of course ideally, they'd have 18 separate baskets, it works out pretty well with the 12 or so that they've got. So if you can put in alternate teepads, that'll go a long way. Only suggestion I have as far as that goes is to have alternates that are really DIFFERENT. There's a few holes at the course I mentioned where the second tee is just a couple feet behind the first one. It makes the shot slightly different, but not enough to really be interesting.

Also, if you do put two baskets on the holes, be judicious with them. If one basket is directly in the line of normal play to get to the other one, it can be annoying, IMO. Sure, it's another obstacle to go around and whatnot, but the end result is just kinda sloppy feeling course design. As long as they're nicely separated though, that's cool.
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Postby presidio hills » Sun Oct 29, 2006 2:36 pm

i think it's pretty important to have the course loop around near one's car... not necesarily at the nine hole mark. but it makes it easier to get sweatshirts, umbrella, another gatorade... whatever. if it comprimises the layout too much than it may not be worth it, though.

if you plan on having pdga events there, you'de probably have to temporarily expand it to 18 holes. so if the layout for 10 is better than 9, don't let the pdga's recommendation rule your decision. i think alternate tees will be a must... highland springs here in northern cali that has 5 per hole. it's great. and like the dude above me said, really try to make them different.

also, alternate tees don't have to be 'official'...

good luck. and kudos for building a course.
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