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Postby Aaron_D » Thu Dec 21, 2006 4:01 pm

Hey now...Im 5'11 and never thought of myself as barely out of the "really short" catagory. I can throw 400'+ on good rips and cant imagine how being a few inches taller or shorter would matter. One of the guys I play with that can throw the longest is more like 5'7. How tall would you consider average? 6'3'' :roll:
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Postby roadkill » Thu Dec 21, 2006 7:56 pm

A few random thoughts about the various preceding posts:

- Throwing from a shorter tee is not cheating if you acknowlege that you played from those tees. It would only be cheating if you (or your group) were the only one(s) to play from there and you were competing under the pretense that you played the longer tees.

"Women's" Tees

- I have never heard shorter tees being referred to as women's tees in disc golf. Ball golf yes (ladies tees) but as Blake and others pointed out it is an outdated term and today in ball golf the tees are typically red, white, blue and black. In my region tees are either referred to as pro, am and rec tees or gold, silver and bronze tees. Another note would be shorter doesn't always mean easier. I've played a number of shorter tees that I found harder than the longer tees.With wooded courses when you change the angle a little it can change the shot difficulty and margin for error dramaticly.

Height as it relates to power

Being tall is not a prerequisite for throwing far. The guy in my region who throws the farthest is Jake Azato, followed by Steve Brinster. These two also happen to be among the shortest disc golfers I know among adult men. I would say Jake throws a consistent 520 or so and Brinster around 480-500. Brinster finished I believe third or fourth at the USDGC distance competition against some of the longest throwers on the planet. Blake may know Steve's height for sure, but I'd estimate Steve to be around 5' 7 and Jake to be about 5' 4. Form, timing and technique are the biggest factors and I'd say conditioning, balance and flexibility are up there in importance to becoming an elite distance thrower.

Women's distances

Blake, so from your post I take it all 6 women you introduced to disc golf were throwing over 275' their first day? Were they all athleticly gifted or did you have advise for them that somehow enhanced their D dramaticly? I've played with probably 50-60 different women over the last 20 years, almost all of them during tournaments and about half of them were pro women. Of all those women I'd say only 6-7 could throw over 300 consistently. Most pro women I've played with throw in the 275-325 range. Biggest arm I've personally played with among women was Des Reading and I'd say she throws around 375-400 range. After that I'd say it would be Elaine King or Rachel Gawler which I recall them throwing around 330-340 range. Not sure but I'd say the longest distance thrower among women today would probably be Val Jenkins but I haven't personally played with her yet, just watched her at the 2005 Worlds.
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