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Postby TexasOutlaw » Sun Jan 14, 2007 9:12 am

That question has permeated disc golf since I've been playing. Before my course was build in 1997 (I think), I used to drive to Austin 5 hours away to play twice a month. I play for fun, to be outdoors, and to hang out with friends.

I didn't even know what a PDGA was at the time. I have played less than 5 tournaments in the last 7 years, so my interest is not in competition rather than actually playing disc.

When I discovered the PDGA, I was very enthusiastic about joining just for the mini with my name on it and the disc; however, before I mailed in my check (already in a stamped envelop sitting on the counter waiting for someone to go to the post office), I noticed some of the flaming I was receiving for not being a member on the forums.

The most unfair thing that was said was that I was not a supportive player of disc golf, which quickly changed to statements that I was not a real player.

All of the sudden, the PDGA was not that important to me. I am 33, a pure recreational player. To me being 10 under is no less fun than being 10 over as long as I can be outside with people I like throwing a frisbee. I rarely play tournaments, and when I do, don't really worry about where I place.

One of the statements from my local course that has stayed with me was during a discussion about competetive players versus recreational players. I was informed that if I'm not competing, I'm not really playing. The comment that I thought was classic: "Does Tiger Woods just hit a few balls around?"
To which I replied, no but he doesn't have to work another job to do so.
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Postby black udder » Sun Jan 14, 2007 12:01 pm

that's a crying shame that folks would say things like that. Right now the PDGA is all about growth. I think a huge percentage of golfers are recreational or casual tournament players and I believe the PDGA is asking for players to join to support the sport. Doesn't matter if you compete or not, your money helps develop the sport and support the folks who are working to do that.

I say this after opening this thread and doing some online research myself.

As for the Tiger comment, you could comment with "Is my name Barry Schultz or Ken Climo?" Those guys do it for a living like Tiger, just don't make near what he does. With our contributions, the hope is that one day, folks will be able to make a good living playing DG and the rest of us will get to see it on TV.

If you were planning on joining, I would still do so (I plan to this year). Don't let the few spoilers in the bunch dissuade you from helping the sport as a whole. I'm thinking of it like my charitable donation. Instead of paying some huge fund that gets millions a year, I'm going to donate to the growth of disc golf, where my dollar is really a big deal.
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