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Postby domromer » Tue Jan 09, 2007 10:24 am

Ive played with a ton of people who ony play one course, even though we have 6 in Flagstaf. They would kick ass on there one course, then fall apart as soon as I brought them to a diffrernt one.

I don't compete, but I think travel is one of the things that make DG so fun. Since moving to Eugene, there are a ton of new courses all around me. I'm trying to pace myself and just take one golf road trip per month.

I'm also spending these dreary days, planning a southen Oregon Nor Cal DG trip for the summer.....mmm summer, warm breezes, playing in shorts!
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Postby bigs348 » Tue Jan 09, 2007 10:25 am

About half of the tournaments I played this year, I traveled the day before and then either camped or hoteled it. These were almost all 2-day or more events.

The other half of the events I played were either close enough for me to easily get to the day of, or I had to do a bit of driving that morning. Most of these were between 2 and half and 3 hours. For these, I made sure to have everything ready the night before, I got up around 5, left around 5:30 and drove to get there 8-8:30 for registration/check-in.

For all of these, I got there early enough that I wasn't rushed and I had time to warm up before the round. I actually found myself more awake and alert than I usually am if I roll out of bed from my home or a hotel and get to the course 1/2 after waking up. The worst part was the driving home after the tourney.

One weekend this spring I went Friday night to my friend's house 2 hours from me. The next morning I drove another 2 hours to a one-day tourney. That night I drove 2 hours back to my friend's house, and then the next morning drove 2 hours to a different tourney. After that tourney, I stayed and played doubles, and then left to drive the 3 and a half hours back home. I got back home about 11:30pm after a long ass weekend, and had to get up at 8 the next morning to go take my GREs for grad school. Fun times.
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Postby jiwaburst » Tue Jan 09, 2007 11:49 pm

just played a tournament this weekend (after being in Asia for a month and a half and being pretty beat up and pretty rusty). It was my home course. We have a new 18 in addition to the 18 we've had a couple of years now.

I played well on the brand new course, and just stunk it up on the old course. After a couple of days of beating myself up, I realize that I was able to compensate on the new course for how my body felt and just play smarter golf shots. On the old course which I've played a hundred times, I kept on trying to do the shots that I do when I'm playing at my best. And I completely blew it.


On the good side though, my wife played too, for her first tourney, and came in 2nd! She was stoked to bring home plastic and is already planning all sorts of disc golf vacations for us. She's hooked now!
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