What is the best iPhone Disc Golf Scorekeeper App?

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Re: What is the best iPhone Disc Golf Scorekeeper App?

Postby garyabezet » Fri Aug 23, 2013 10:01 am

Well my app doesn't do everything listed here, but it is free and stable, and it does allow you to save to the cloud.

I made it with JQuery mobile. I decided on a webapp, because they work on all devices, so you can use it with Android/iPhone/iWhatever/Blackberry/Windows/Linux/etc. It allows you to store your scores permanently to the "cloud" by logging in through your facebook or google accounts (of course you don't have to). Javascript is required.


My friends and I get a lot of use out of this app, and it seems to be pretty stable so give it a try, no download required. Also I wrote it so once you have loaded the scorecard you don't have to make any subsequent connections to the server unless you want to save, because I know many of you play at course with poor reception. Enjoy :D
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