What Division do I play in?

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Re: What Division do I play in?

Postby Dookville » Sat Sep 03, 2011 11:53 am

Play your rating, it is the only constant.

Over time, playing several different courses in tournaments, your rating will tell the truth.

Trying to guage which courses i play higher on, and how I've been playing lately going into a tournament is no way to live. You've earned the rating you have because of your play on a tough course. If that means your play, and rating are based off of a tough course and you blow away the next course, so be it. There is another course in your near future, or a bad day, thats going to kick your ass and bring that rating back down. The rating is the constant, not your gut feeling.

I get playing up to not look like a bagger, and trying to fit your game in with the right pack, but your playing multiple tourneys in several locations, let the rating place you in a division. If your a locals only player and your trying to get better, and it's the same guys you see every month, if that's all you play, then maybe. Otherwise, use your rating as the tool.
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