I guess this guy is very good.

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Re: I guess this guy is very good.

Postby Frank Delicious » Fri Jul 29, 2011 7:24 pm

I hope the Reds game was fun.
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Re: I guess this guy is very good.

Postby emiller3 » Fri Jul 29, 2011 8:04 pm

Nobody wants to believe Ryan, er...jackdgjohnson's story, but Ryan's friends clearly corroborated the fact that the PDGF is for real, so I'm keeping an open mind...
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Re: I guess this guy is very good.

Postby colombo117 » Fri Jul 29, 2011 8:25 pm

Yeah, you have to remember some people are just born with the skills. I hope jackjohnson gets a video of his form.
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Re: I guess this guy is very good.

Postby jsun3thousand » Fri Jul 29, 2011 11:16 pm

jackdiscgolfjohnson wrote:
As for the PDGA event he said they had a little shindig of like 5 PDGA Players and 5 PDGF players and it wasn't advertised nor promoted as a PDGA event more as 5 PDGA players he met at Deis Hill and just played a little thing. As for the promoting he said he misinterpreted what the event was called and how it was held.
I don't see what he did wrong considering he doesn't own the league/club plus he even stated himself that there's only like 30 total who just have fun and go on trips sometimes around the states.

jackson, i shouldn't be showing you this, but i want you to understand the depth and scope of ryan campbell's compulsive lying and deception. ryan may have told you that only 5 pdga and 5 pdgf players competed against each other. that is simply not true. i shouldn't be showing you this as it might tip ryan off to the evidence that has been gathered to convict him but i think he might have brainwashed you or maybe something worse. this evidence is from ryan's "athlete" facebook account. ryan posted a message from his phone as himself to his own athlete page about the pdga vs. pdgf match. i know that it's sick and weird and odd, i really don't know how he did it, but that's the kind of person ryan is. do you have access to the pdgf network?

article 67.b*


as you can see ryan campbell said that 72 people attended the sacred event (36 pdga 36 pdgf) not the 10 (5 pdga 5 pdgf) he told you. did ryan throw any "fly dyed" discs when you played a round with him? he if did, he might be trying to control you. please jackson try to fight your desire to protect ryan. IT"S A TRAP! help me help you as we bring justice to a world wronged by devious, conniving, and manipulative ryan campbell. his actions are more than about the money and the disc golf glory he desires. this is about the power ryan campbell wants so he can bring down the pdga.
Scooot_er wrote:And disc golfers aren't always the smartest bunch.
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Re: I guess this guy is very good.

Postby jackdiscgolfjohnson » Sat Jul 30, 2011 2:24 am

I told him about what you posted when he said PDGF vs PDGA Tag
match he didn't consider it the title nor promoting it. He said it was just how
he summarized it. He also said that the event was planned to have 36 PDGF and PDGA
players but when some weren't able to make it and
some just didn't want to travel to deis hill (which isn't that
far away from here) it was shortened to 5 vs 5. He said that
the PDGF had been trying to Hold a event every year where some
players of both PDGF and PDGA play.

When I first saw this it looked like to me he was
advertising but come to think of it after what he told me about the things he
made up he hasn't lied to me at all. See these things are all in the
past. I know recently things he has posted are 90% False he
is a immature disc golfer with talent but needs to learn to
keep his exaggerations smaller. And definetly more quiet.
I mean I already have gave him crap for exaggerating way too much.

He didn't seem to happy he looked I little sad even though
he was however being pretty much bullied online.
He said that he has lied so much in the past due to the
fact of going through alot of horrible sh**. He said still even today
he didn't know what was real anymore. He also stated that
things aren't how they should be and he says most the time
he's not in control of his actions. He was understandable.

I just think you know we should give him a break I mean
for all you know if he does go to PDGA he may be a world
champ. Keep an open mind. But yes I agree that he has
his share of problems and I know for a fact that no one on this
thread is perfect nor this site nor this world.

I found out one thing though the better you get
to know him the cooler he is not just acting wise
but honesty and friendliness the guy didn't want to
really open up at first but once he saw that I was
a friend of no harm he opened up I think you guys
need to like be friends with him he is chill and is talented.

As for the guy requesting vids whenever we play again I will
Take vids.

But as I said come on he is a immature disc golf player.
I can tell you that he was very sensitive to this
he told me that he wants things to be normal and he
wanted to be able to sleep better at night (not litterally but you know what I mean)
I can tell he learned a good lesson from this crap.
He looked ashamed and he wanted me to tell all of you he has
apologizes for this.

Let him be man he will grow up he's a kid.

Now before my boss kicks my a**
I was just here to inform you he's not exactly what you
think he is. I will no longer use this site to provide info about
anyone unless it's important. Besides everything I post makes
it seem like the perfect oppurtunity for you guys to bash and
bully him and the A** hole who threatened to kill him f*** you.
whether the guy said it on this site or a different site that's just
taking it too far. For his league he has a solid fanbase he probally has more
likers than haters enough said just let it be he has learned his lesson.
His parents seemed pissed you guys started the thread they
said they will handle it if you leave it alone and also they said that if anyone
continues to personally harrass him facebook or etc. Will
have a police report filed against them for harrassing and threatening
a underage adult.

Enough said.
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Re: I guess this guy is very good.

Postby Triflusal » Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:45 am

for a random who played with him you sure seem to know an awful lot about him and his parents. maybe you are stalking him?
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Re: I guess this guy is very good.

Postby Flipflat » Sat Jul 30, 2011 6:44 am

What the
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Re: I guess this guy is very good.

Postby Timko » Sat Jul 30, 2011 7:39 am

Maybe we'll re-open this thread later, but I don't think there's anything left to talk about.

jackdiscgolfjohnson, you'll have to find other topics to contribute to.
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