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Re: Research is rampant, DGR is relevant.

Postby JHern » Sat Oct 29, 2011 9:37 pm

Jerrod wrote:...Everyone has always said that the Titanic and the Magnet are the same mold just in different plastics. The Titanic even has Magnet stamped on it....the Titanic actually has an additional spacer placed in the mold which leads to a slightly taller disc. From my understanding this is how Discmania makes the P2 more stable without the bead so I am guessing that the Titanic should be more stable than the Magnet. My Titanics I got that weekend are too new and a different plastic from my Magnets to compare but they do make the Titanic in D now so a comparison would be interesting. The difference in height is greater between the P1 and the P2 so maybe there is a notable difference in flight.

Sorry to disappoint, but the Titanic is not as stable as the Magnet. I tried the Titanic as a putter, but it is really very understable. If you get the nose way up, you can get it to stall-hyzer, but otherwise it doesn't really have a natural tendency to hyzer dump.

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