Disc Golf Live epi 44 available online /broadcasters welcome

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Disc Golf Live epi 44 available online /broadcasters welcome

Postby Disc Golf Live » Tue Nov 01, 2011 10:33 am

Episode 44 of Disc Golf Live video magazine has been uploaded to Youtube and is now available for viewing. This episode features footage from the Am Nationals, a tour of Renny Original (a Worlds 2012 course) provided by the Clash, featuring Michael Johansen. The Scandinavian Video Mafia checks in with some SDGO footage, and we also get a look at the Darkside course at the Blockhouse (formerly, "the Grange") in Spotsylvania, VA, another feature courtesy of the Clash. (This Clash battle pits Brian Skinner and Stan McDaniel vs. Brian Schweberger and Al Sugar Schack.)

Thanks to the Mafia and Clash for supporting our efforts to grow the game of disc golf by providing great footage. While we're glad disc golfers all over can catch our show on Youtube, we're really looking for broadcast opportunities on local and community access TV stations to expose newcomers to our favorite game. DGL is already broadcast on many stations, but we always welcome new outlets, big or small. If you have community TV in town, contact them and see what it takes to get a show on the air and then drop us a line. We always provide our broadcast DVDs for free and also underwrite free program downloads at pegmedia.org. Here are the two parts of this episode:



Thanks for tuning in.

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