Help with driving - disc golf!?!?!

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Help with driving - disc golf!?!?!

Postby thcguy12 » Fri May 25, 2012 9:24 am

So I used to play all the time and have picked it back up again. I love the sport and go at least twice a week if not more. I have about 4-5 courses I rotate. I just have some simple discs (3 pack package for $20 at walmart). A driver, mid range, and putter by Wham-O (I know - shitty). The discs are about 172g.

But I just can't get long distance throws and have trouble keeping it straight a lot of the time as well. I feel like I am throwing 1/2 the distance of other people (maybe less).

I use a power grip (I think I am holding it right but can't seem to get the discs to go far or straight every time - there isn't a pattern to it - sometimes its left, sometimes right, sometimes straight, sometimes high, sometimes low, etc)

I have watched a million online videos on throwing, driving, putting, approach shots, etc - I have tried everything. I practice throwing at the park twice a week and there are still all over the place.

My putting and midrage throws are decent - I average 3-4 tosses per hole.



Will better (lighter or heavier) more expensive discs help maybe?
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