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Favorite Ace Stories

Postby klemle » Fri Aug 09, 2013 8:53 am

Just reading in another forum a discussion about aces. I know everyone loves talking about them, so lets all share! I only have a single ace so here is my story (hoping for more soon!!!) I have played for about 4 years now. I have chained out more times than I would care to admit and started to get really upset that I couldn't get one. I was playing a casual round with my friends on my home course on a very nice day that was just winding down. I had just gotten a new champion wraith that I was really enjoying throwing. I was the last to throw on hole 18 (Carter Park, Bowling Green OH) and the hole is ~ 276'. I really snapped my Wraith with a touch of Anny and it rocketed about of my hand. After holding a slight anny line for 100 feet, it flipped back and ran straight as an arrow. There is a tree with a branch that hangs just above the hole which blocks all shots dropping in. On this day though, my wraith ran low and straight, right at the basket. It smashed the center pole and thankfully dropped straight into the basket. It was the first ace I think most of my friends have ever seen so we all went a little crazy. Such a good feeling getting my first ace chalked up, felt like a huge personal milestone.
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Re: Favorite Ace Stories

Postby PMantle » Fri Aug 09, 2013 10:44 am

Not only do I have none, I've seen none. :oops:
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Re: Favorite Ace Stories

Postby JR » Sat Aug 10, 2013 3:40 am

At least there are videos of aces.

I cannot say which is my favorite ace or how many i have so i'll retell that odd case that might mix up my count. I had two previous aces on the old hole 5 at Meilahti, Helsinki,Finland a dropping blind hole protected by the hill with the hole being in the hill so behind the basket is more downhill. Each of these 3 shots were hyzers with Rhynos fading in. The third time we saw a group in front of us and waited. Looking through the trees we noticed movement on the next tee so we thought it is ok to throw. As it turned out one of that group hadn't finished. He chastised us for throwing before he was finished despite how good the throw was. He had a weird look on his face so i dunno if he played a trick on me and lifted the disc into the basket so i'll never know how many aces i have... Other oddities are my first ace which was a FH and i'm BH dominant, a skip ace and a night ace with a LED disc that stopped to illuminate the basket with the LED. That was prettyyyyyy.
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Favorite Ace Stories

Postby Fightingthetide » Sat Aug 10, 2013 12:01 pm

Last summer I was at DeLaveaga and one of my friends who is a weekend-warrior type threw a seasoned X Buzzz into the wind at Top Of The World (27), and somehow it stalled and completely stopped in the air, then dropped left on a sharp hyzer and slammed right into the chains. The best part, a group of guys was walking from the parking lot to tee off on 1, and they stopped to watch our throws, so he got a huge applause from all over.
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Re: Favorite Ace Stories

Postby itlnstln » Mon Aug 12, 2013 9:09 am

I only have two aces, but my first one was pretty cool. I was on hole 8 at Live Oak in San Antonio; a short, ~180' hole, just begging to be aced, the challenge being that there's a lake (or part of one) behind the pin. I was rolling solo as I usually do but I started playing with couple of guys I met up with around hole 2. As we were walking from 7 to 8, one of the guys asked how many aces I had and, of course, I said, "none," to which he replied, "My buddy, here, is good luck. About 5 of our friends got their first aces when he was in the group."

I tee off first; I'm throwing a black, KC Pro Aviar with a gold tourney stamp ZAM designed for a tourney that year in Manor, TX. I prefer a putter for this shot not only because it's 180' but I also want to reduce the risk of skips and rolls that might put me in the drink. Like I said, there's water behind the pin and a tree with branches on the high line to the basket. I take my usual approach of throwing a hyzer about 10' right of the pin with the expectation that it will hit and nestle in the wood chips around the base of the basket for a "bonker" deuce. I throw and execute my plan to perfection. The disc fades in towards the basket, hits the outer edge of the wood chips - about 6-8' from the basket, but to my surprise, the disc skips (my asshole got a little tight there for a second considering the water hazard) and drops right in the basket for an ace. Sure enough, everybody goes wild and I end up shooting something like 4 down or whatever.

The best/worst part was later I joined one of my friends at the Kona bar for sake bombs and cougars. I ended up getting smashed, hanging out with some stripper, and I think I yakked in a Denny's at some point, too. Best ace EVAR!

/Cool story, Bro.
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Re: Favorite Ace Stories

Postby Terrence » Tue Aug 20, 2013 10:31 am

I was playing a few holes to warm up before my first tournament and hit an ace. The AM2 payout more than covered the registration and fuel costs, a bittersweet ace.
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Re: Favorite Ace Stories

Postby Cryu » Sat Sep 14, 2013 7:09 pm

I was introduced to this sport the first time on 2009 but I really got into it last year.
Threw two aces in my local course this summer, the first one was a on a 260 feet open hole.
It was pretty windy that day so I chose to throw a forearm throw rather than the usual backhand on the said hole.
Threw it as a slight hyzer and it just curved towards the basket and went in. I was lucky to have some friends with me to witness the event, too bad no-one was filming then.
The second ace came roughly a month after the first one, it was the last hole on my local course (roughly 300 feet, pretty open, straight line to the basket).
The wind was really calm that day so I chose to approach the basket with my leopard which at that time flew as a gentle hyzer,
but for some reason for that specific shot the leopard kept its nail-straight line all the way to the basket. It was a magical moment, the basket almost seemed to suck the disc within itself from my hand.
Before or after those two aces I've never so much as hit the chains on an opener. Since then I've witnessed quite a few aces both in casual rounds and the weekly tournaments.
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