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Postby didihitatree » Sun Sep 24, 2006 12:22 am

I'm pretty easy-come-easy-go about the whole thing.

I don't write my name and number on discs because it just seems like the risk of some weirdo getting calling me isn't worth the $10 a disc costs me. But if you find my disc in the water or in the woods, hey-- it's yours. I've played a couple rounds with people who I'm pretty sure were throwing an old disc of mine but I couldn't prove it. And I didn't really care.

If you leave a disc someplace obvious (middle of the fairway, teebox, in a basket) I'll leave it where I found it because you'll probably come back in fifteen minutes and get it and you probably know just where you left it. If you leave a number, I'll call you and I don't want a reward.

No name and no number, it's mine. Actually probably not mine, but it goes to whoever I'm playing with that will use it the most. At least you know someone is getting a lot of enjoyment out of your disc, and it's living a full, happy life in the hands of its new owner.
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