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Element X

Postby victorb » Mon Aug 14, 2006 12:14 pm

I have recently been throwing D Wasps as my midrange of choice. I traded a disc to a friend and he gave me a brand new E Element X 179 and I absolutely love how this disc flies. Now I have a mold dilemma-Stick with the Wasps or switch to the Element X?

I really like the dependability that the EX gives. I think it is just as stable as the Z Wasp that I have, but is a bit slower and has a little more glide to it. For me it is very predictable, but I hav ethrown Wasps for so long I really don't think that I should switch.

Any thoughts?
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Postby garublador » Mon Aug 14, 2006 1:27 pm

I thought the flight paths for all of those discs were similar, so if you've already chosen one and know it well, there may not be a big reason to change unless you really like the plastic or how the discs feels in your hand. Those are the two reasons I picked the EX. I'll also note that when I chose the Element-X as my midrange, I didn't have a go-to midrange that I was switching from. Had I already been throwng Rocs or Wasps, I doubt I would have changed.
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Postby Thatdirtykid » Mon Aug 14, 2006 8:50 pm

I was using elementxs (S and E) I really liked the Evoproline ones, they were very straight and predictable, with a stability between a KC roc, and a DX roc. I also had E Element X's that were very similar to a Z wasp in stability. And I also had a S Element X that was more overstable than a new roc, and another that was about as stable as a buzzz.
I switched to wasps becasue I can buy a stack of wasps from the store and they all fly the same. Throwing the ELement X was almsot like throwing different molds between different runs.

I loved the Domey S elemnt X's, the Evo proline Element X's, and reg E all for different reasons, and if I could be gaurenteed those I wouldnt have switched, like if a store here sold gatweway and I could hand select my discs. Now if that were an option I probably wouldnt switch back because I am used to he wasps now (its an easy transition)
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Postby Blake_T » Mon Aug 14, 2006 10:48 pm

the s element x's will be substantially more durable than discraft's d plastic, but the wasp is inherently more high speed stable than the element x.
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