Midrange replacement

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Midrange replacement

Postby Lets_Throwdown » Mon May 30, 2005 4:50 pm

Alright. So my midrange disc was recently lost by one of my friends. I have been looking for a new one and haven't quite come to a decision. I used a dx shark and loved it due to the fact i could get an almost completely straight line on it and still get about 200 or so feet of distance. I know Rocs are a favorite of most people but with all the different molds people talk of and such, its confusing as to which is worth trying out. I was considering getting a chamion shark or a champion cobra due to the fact their both easy to get a straight line on it and they're so predictable. Some feedback on what anyone would suggest would be great.
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Postby garublador » Tue May 31, 2005 8:11 am

If you want to try a Roc, just go out and buy the regular ol' DX Roc. I wouldn't worry about any of that fancy collector's stuff. Expect it to be more overstable than your Shark at first, though.

The discs you selected, as far as I know, should work great for you but will also probably be a bit more overstable in Champion plastic, especally the Champion Shark. If you're looking for higher end plastic, the Champion Cobra you mentioned is known for being a straight, controllable midrange as are the QMS, E-Element and Z-Buzzz. If you want something less overstable, I've heard good stuff about the Breeze and Glide and they both come in Z plastic.
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Postby Lets_Throwdown » Tue May 31, 2005 8:57 am

I got a hold of a DX Roc the other day that my friend is letting me borrow. I'm going to throw that around but i think i may go out and buy a Champion Cobra. I really liked how they threw when i threw it. Thanks for the input.
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Postby Blake_T » Tue May 31, 2005 1:07 pm

i have a very strict philosophy on midrange discs as i consider them to be the workhorse of my bag.

imo, they should fly stable when broken in, fly adequately into the wind, finish overstable, and have a slow aging process.

with that in mind there's only a few midrange discs that fit the bill.

dx/kc roc, z/x mrv, z buzz, d wasp, s/e element x, dx gator

the champ spider/shark aren't really stable after they break in as they tend to get squirrly since they aren't particularly stable molds.

personally, i prefer very very very beat dx/kc rocs as i consider them to be the best mix of control and finish.

the champ cobra isn't a true midrange as it is longer/faster than most of the stable flying accurate midranges. it is also a fairly understable design that relies on its stability from plastic variation.
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