Begginner Looking for Driver

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Begginner Looking for Driver

Postby andyhud » Thu Sep 29, 2005 10:37 am

I have been playing disc golf for about month and I love it. I am a Rutgers University student and we have a 18 hole course right on campus. Disc golf is very different from Ultimate frisbee-- which I have been playing for several years. It's so different from ulitmate frisbee b/c of all the different types of discs and what they can do. I am very comfortable throwing a frisbee, curving it left and right, throwing backhand and forehand-- but disc golf discs are just CRAZY. I'm used to my 175g FRISBEE Ultimate frisbee and it's straight, true flight that is very easy and predictable to shoot hyzer and anhyzer shots (i never even knew that making a frisbee curve left or right had specific names like this until I started playing disc golf). So I did some research and bought a few golf discs-- a 146 champion aviar put and approch, 166 champion cobra, and 170 champion beast. I bought everything in champion plasitc b/c the course at Rutgers is EXTREMELY tight and trees are EVERYWHERE. I knew I was going to be hitting them a lot (which I have been, a real lot).
I bought a Beast b/c it was a "distance driver", and I figured since I could throw my ultimate frisbee close to 300 ft-- I would be fine. WHAT A MISTAKE!!! This is flies straight for a bout 50 ft. then bombbbbssss left.
Well I guess I didn't do a good job with my research b/c I later discovered the Beast was absoutely NOT a begginer disc.
I am looking for a very durable beginner fairway driver. I've read a lot of good things about the Gateway E (I gotta go with the evolution plastic b/c the the heavily heavily wooded course) Sabre. Is this a good choice? Any other suggestions??
Thanks a bunch- Andrew
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Postby Blake_T » Thu Sep 29, 2005 1:07 pm

i have an article outlining this: ... disc.shtml

have to remember that champion/z/e/q plastic really isn't beginner friendly in nearly any disc.

the easiest to throw discs in those plastics are the champ leopard, champ sidewinder, z xpress, and e sabre. personally, i would recommend going with standard plastic as it will be easier to control and teach you a lot of ways to manipulate disc flight that you will not develop with the more durable plastics.
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