An Efficient Killer - The Pred Thread

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Re: An Efficient Killer - The Pred Thread

Postby UncleBrother2001 » Tue Mar 11, 2014 9:11 pm

I'm a Predator fan myself. been so for years. It wasn't until the past few years I realized it's distance potential after messing around with PD's. After that the Predators are pretty much my main Distance Driver.

I have a really old 2003 Elite Z one that is pretty beat and is just very very straight.

My newest Z has a bit of beat in it,but it is what I use when it is Windy. It eats the wind like no ones business.

So after reading this whole entire thread it sounds like Z and ESP are the best and stay away from FLX. If I can find Elite X which it may not happen go ahead and pick one up.

Is it best to get flatter ones or Domey ones? both of mine have a good dome to them and have good glide and good forward fade.Is all the domey ones like that?

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