D/DX, weight, vs. Z/Champ

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D/DX, weight, vs. Z/Champ

Postby alerik » Sun Oct 30, 2005 1:50 am

I have been throwing DX plastic for the past week. I have noticed several things in throwing the lower end of plastic.

I have heard that lighter weight discs are less forgiving when it comes to technique as heavier weights are because heavier discs tend to mask problems in throwing.

Is this the same thing I should be experiancing with DX vs. Champion Plastic?

From what I have experienced lately, it seems that throwing the DX or D plastic, forces you to focus on form rather that "D" just like I have heard lighter plastic does. Is this something I should be noticing?
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Postby Blake_T » Sun Oct 30, 2005 10:22 pm

heavier discs mask it by being more high speed stable and more low speed overstable. e.g. makes it harder to turn due to tech flaws, and is more apt to fade out of a turn due to tech flaws.

dx plastic responds a LOT more in the natural flight of a disc imo SHOULD be.

you have to keep in mind that champion/z plastic wasn't developed until 2000, and it was not readily available in large numbers/models until mid 2002 for discraft and mid 2003 for innova.

dx plastic allows you to take advantage of air friction, similarly how a pitcher will get more break on the ball with a scuffed up baseball.

dx plastic responds mostly to power and speed.

champ/z plastic responds mostly to nose down and torque.

while all 4 factors will affect the flight of both plastic types, they are not proportionate for each type. basically, champ/z plastic does not teach newer players natural flight characteristics, since they will likely be short of the power/speed requirements to make the disc behave naturally (and they compensate by developing torque).

imo, champ/z is less forgiving, just have to see someone throw it without enough nose down.
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