Has the Teebird been left behind?

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Re: Has the Teebird been left behind?

Postby Dookville » Sun Jun 24, 2012 2:23 am

rusch_bag wrote:I want flatish teebirds back :(

I carry 3 TB's currently.

1- 155g 11x flat top pearly champ gummy
1- 150g 12x flat top clear champ gummy
1- 171g 12x domey champ stiff

That second one there is from a new run that seems to mirror the old 11x's very nice. They a nice and flat, fast, and in the lighter they are the gummier they seem to be. Since I have an 11x to compare it with, I would tell you that it feels almost the same in my hand, and the only difference I have found is that its a little less high speed stable and it doesn't fade out as much. It has thst same flat top speed as the 11x's and has been a great disc. That domey 12x is noticeably slower with more HSS and fades harder than the other two.

DTW has a handfull of them in light weights currently in their out bin, and a bunch of first quality ones in stock in several weights.
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