Control Drivers and Putter Grip

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Control Drivers and Putter Grip

Postby ken3592 » Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:56 pm

I know these topics are completely different, but they are the topics of my discussion.

Right now by bag consists overwhelmingly of warp-speed drivers. I have a nuke, a katana, and an archon (I don't usually have them all in my bag at once), and for fairway drivers all I really use are teebirds. From my experience with these discs, and as you would probably agree, they are hard to really control and use to shape lines. The teebird is just a long, fast, and very straight disc. I've been looking for a more controllable, reliable disc that I can use for finesse drives. I've considered the following, although I've never thrown any of them: lightish pred, trident, striker, tracker, river, OLF, eagle, and a leopard.

I know these discs vary greatly in their stabilities, but I don't have any personal experience in actually throwing them. I have very fast arm speed but am working on cleaning up my form. What are some of your personal favorites as control/finesse drivers? Are there any that I should eliminate from the list right away? I'm specifically interested in the predator and the Lat 64 discs; I've thrown a XXX, how does a Predator and Trident compare? How does a Striker and River compare to a Teebird?

As for the putter grip part of the title, I currently use a Vibram V.P. as my main putter. I like it's flight characteristics and slow speed, but I'm interested in trying out a new grip, as I've always had putting release issues with it and other putters such as wizards and voodoos (might be the combination of a bead with a deep rim). Are there any putters that come to mind with unique grips (different rim depth, shape, etc.), but with similar flight characteristics (maybe a tad more glide)? A few that come to mind as possibilities for me, even though I've never thrown them, are a rhyno, ion, pure, and an anode. Am I wrong?

Thanks for helping a clueless kid out.
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Re: Control Drivers and Putter Grip

Postby JR » Tue Mar 27, 2012 12:32 am

Rhyno is friendly to grip low glide hard fade putter like the VP.

Striker is long Teebird that is faster but they vary in stability. River is a bit less HSS and way less LSS and glides much more being significantly longer on lower lines. Leopard is even less HSS but has a smaller fade and is slower and glides less. On flipped to flat high lines it is longer for me than the TB that fades out early for me. On lower lines the distances are more equal but the Leo is more difficult to get to flat than the TB unless you're dialed in -i am and won't touch the TB. A PD is faster and longer than the TB with better wind handling and it power down well and can fly on more lines than the TB get a few differently flying ones and you can cover all the shots especially if you keep the TB at least until you can break in a P PD into straight. Not too long in lower weights with the P PD. OLF is the direct competition to the PD.

Eagles are slower PDs and at the same speed as the TB and with a variety in stabilities it can cover the rest of the lines the TB can't. They are a classic pair probably designed to go together. Some Stars are very beefy. Break in a mid 160 and it handles annies well. Eagles come in L and X winged variants. L is most common in Champion and is less beefy. And they break in fairly fast for a Champ and they could be used for annies soon.

The Pred ain't as hard fading as the XXX and thus it is longer despite being roughly as fast. The Pred glides a bit more too.

No Trident and Tracker experience. The Ion, Pure and Anode are all friendlier to grip and way different to the VP. They fade way less and glide way more even in putts and can't take as much wind although some wind ain't a problem. The Ion is the tallest with the biggest bead for least easy clean releases. The Pure has no bead. If you need to get even thinner putters XD and Spike are that. The Wedge is so fast that it may be a problem but it is the thinnest putter there is for the easiest releases.
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Re: Control Drivers and Putter Grip

Postby ken3592 » Tue Mar 27, 2012 8:40 am

Based on what you've said, it sounds like an Eagle, River, or a Predator could all work their way into my bag. It's interesting though, because the PD that I have is actually significantly less stable than my champ teebird, and even than my dx teebird when it was new. It is a lighter weight PD and seems to throw similar to my slightly beat dx teebird.

I'm interested in giving the Pure, Rhyno, and Anode a shot eventually, too.
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Re: Control Drivers and Putter Grip

Postby Jelyman » Tue Mar 27, 2012 11:22 am

I love the trident. The feel reminds of the ape because it has that blunt edge, obviously not as thick since it just a 7 speed. It kinda fits in where a banshee would. I will always recommend getting a river. Probably the easiest disc to get good distance out offor me.

As far as putters go.....pure/anode I believe are along the same line with no bead and pretty straight. The pure has been my main putter for a while and also works great for a driving putter.
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