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Re: what to add next?

Postby Wordgie » Sun May 27, 2012 3:14 pm

talkinsmack wrote:I want to get another midrange driver. the buzzz 176 esp is just a little bit too overstable and heavy for me. should I try a buzzz SS or MVP Axis? the Axis is only available in 179g+ and I'm trying to go with 171g or less till I can get my strength and speed up. or should I just buy the max weight Axis and get some practice with the heavy weight? I will be buying the XL in D plastic for sure. the rattler is working great for me but my max distance is less than 80ft always.

Keep working the Buzzz before you go to something else. Try different grips, different release angles and different power levels. You've already got it in your bag, may as well give it a fair shot.

Also try the XL or Valk. Both very beginner friendly but can be brought up as you improve your game.
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