favorite/ most unique disc thrown

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favorite/ most unique disc thrown

Postby ladysmanfelpz » Sun Jun 10, 2012 5:27 pm


I'm not the best player but been playing about 3 years and throw consistently over 300' both forehand and backhand. Started getting into overstables a little and wanted to try something different. Picked up a 150 class dx banshee. Thing ripped! It was all sorts of contradictions, a slow overstable driver in a lighter weight meant to go fast, but man she was sweet. Release it with some hyzer and thing would pop up and carry a country mile. Felt so weird throwing something so light yet couldn't turn it over. held good into the wind too. I would like to see some really powerful players try it. Might get some turn out of it but don't think really anyone could turn it over unless its really beat up.

What else have people found that was pretty sweet? and dont give me any of this aerobie trash...
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Re: favorite/ most unique disc thrown

Postby jubuttib » Sun Jun 10, 2012 6:42 pm

Weight doesn't inherently make discs more or less stable, though low weight makes them more susceptible to form flaws. A 136g Boss can be just as beefy as a 175g Boss.

With that said, I do have to say that the most unique disc I've thrown is probably still the Comet (in this case my Z). I can't think of a single disc that flies like it, especially in the sense that it's just as straight on a 35' throw as it is on a 350' throw.

And while the Epic, Arrow and the Sharpshooters are pretty bad, the rings and the Superdiscs are pretty darn badass. And even the Epic isn't all bad, just really hard to throw consistently. Those who can though are able to make it do things no other disc does.
Parks wrote:If the posts on this forum are any indication, the PD is like a Teebird with sunshine coming out of its butthole so hard that it flies faster.
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Re: favorite/ most unique disc thrown

Postby JR » Sun Jun 10, 2012 11:47 pm

The Epic is way easier to throw on a flat release BH than overheads where it needs to be tuned to very understable and thrown tilted to make two barrel rolls and you've gotta have great power behind it. BH it flies like any other overstable finishing disc. Miss from flat and the wobbly goblin characteristics rear their ugly head and that is why it has worse reputation than it is too. Not just being so all over the place tommied.

I had (maybe it's stored somewhere still) a DX Banshee at about 170 and it broke in fast because i purposely used it on my rough home course that hurts even primo plastic and eats up base plastics even in one day. It became a Champion Teebird in two weeks of not that concentrated playing. Only 4-5 outings. It straightened a lot and gained distance nicely vs when new so i don't wonder the results of the original poster. I imagine it gains distance just like a Teebird at 150 vs a 175. These discs have air resistance to cut distance so any bit of added exit speed helps. I wish i had had a 150 and a 175 disc of the same mold with me when i threw at a radar behind a net to see if the theoretical speed increase translates to speed. In Teebirds, Bosses, PDs etc. it does translate to considerably more average and max distance.
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