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Re: The Whittler

Postby BLURR » Thu Jun 14, 2012 12:19 pm

Drowsy wrote:Lets shift this more towards a lid thread. How many people hating on the whittler throw a.different lid.

Rattler here...
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Re: The Whittler

Postby JHern » Thu Jun 14, 2012 12:49 pm

Putters that float well to the basket typically don't fall neatly into the basket, and are prone to spits, kicks, bounces, etc.. I've tried putting lids for fun into a Mach Lite, thinking that the wide catching area and low chain density would help it catch didn't help. The putters that fall into the basket best when they hit the chains are typically the ones that have the least glide when they arrive at the chains and behave more like blunt objects at ultra-low speeds. But to putt accurately, you must also find a way to make your putter fly to the basket...this is no mistake, Steady Ed designed it that way on purpose. If the chains were a more perfect catching device, then how floaty a disc is at 1 MPH wouldn't be relevant, but since they are imperfect, we will always have a catch-22 situation in this regard.
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Re: The Whittler

Postby garublador » Thu Jun 14, 2012 2:14 pm

Frank Delicious wrote:
Drowsy wrote:I regularly hit jaw dropping putts on lines my buddy cant hit with his 11 year old beadless aviar. Continue telling me I'm wrong, but I have a feeling none of you have carried one for 3 years.

There might be a reason very few people have carried one for three years.
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Re: The Whittler

Postby fanter » Thu Jun 14, 2012 3:24 pm

The Whittler never gripped well enough for me to bag it. I'm happiest with a Birdie/Zephyr (which will fit in the front pocket of my Silverback) because of the inner rim. I don't like the rounded-ness of the Rattler/Whittler.
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Re: The Whittler

Postby JR » Thu Jun 14, 2012 5:33 pm

I'm a laser putter so lids and floaty low fade regular putters are up my alley. I did use the Rattler for about a year or so but it was literally a pain to putt and throw with having an arm injury that wasn't healed as well. Because of the injury i also had subconscious letting go of the disc to avoid damage even while putting. I'm afraid years later it may still be an issue with approaches and especially drives now. It may account for my tired days more frequent early release program issues as well as my slick dry skin. I did Wii Sports boxing and it helped in adding elbow straightening speed to make regular putting better so now i get all the benefits with regular discs except the blow by distances are longer. Luckily for me i've also learned to put better so my comeback putt make rate is better.

I don't practice putting much and it shows close to both sides of the circle and farther away. I did practice with the Rattler during one winter and i made long putts at a higher rate than i do now. Living by the sea with wind speeds up often and unexpected swirly gusts discs that can take some wind lasered help. The soft APX 169 i have can't take moderate headwinds without flipping some. The same for the lids but the Rattler is a little more HSS than the Whitler so it helps some. Being so flexible the Whitler can bend some in longer putts and approaches so it can wobble from bending back to shape after the release and it ain't good in a headwind because the whole disc will flutter and turn. The Rattler is more solidly constructed from a stiffer material so a win there too. The Rattler given enough hyzer can be driven like a driver because it won't bend. The Whitler can't be made to accelerate hard anywhere in the motion or it will bend and flip. As a consequence i can't throw the Whitler nearly as far repeatedly as i can the Rattler the way i want to. Also maximum distance shows that. 250' a few years back with the Rattler (more power and better form now) and under 200' with the Whitler accelerated hard like a driver.

I can't tell if i'd gain more distance with the Whitler smoothing it but i don't need to because i aim with snap among other things and when i do smooth and approach other discs are just fine. Ion, Anode, APX and Rattler will all do. I've only tossed a 150 Birdie and it fades out so maybe a max weight would be better. I know from a 105 Wizard that going too light adds fade to a putt. So there is plenty of competition to the Rattler and for many better options. Preferences count.
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