What do you throw for max d?

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Re: What do you throw for max d?

Postby jubuttib » Wed Aug 15, 2012 3:39 am

pask2155 wrote:Why would you say not to use the nuke unless I'm breaking 400' ? Again I am very, very new to the sport like i said only been about a month or so... I am pretty happy with my distance I'm not sure what else to do to get more distance... Do I throw harder? Or less hard and work on form? Should I blast my tee bird more? Or is breaking 400' something that comes with time?

It seems like there are just so many thoughts... For now I can rip my buzz straight as an arrow 280-300'. Never thought about a putter being for distance... So I have no comment with this... I will try using it and see what happens...

But I guess my question is this... If I can throw my buzz 300', and then you say go to a slower driver like leopard... Then how far should a leopard go? Or even a tee bird? how far should these fairway drivers fly? And then when do you step up to the big dogs? The reason I ask is because everyone says get good with a mid range, and I am... Then you say i'm not ready for the nuke or krait yet I throw them 300+ with ease... So when do you step up to big drivers? When you are blasting tee birds and leopards 350+ or something???

I guess it's just confusing... sorry for the trouble...
The reason it's good to wait until you can throw closer to 400' before you start using the warp speeders is that those discs are designed to be thrown that hard. If they're thrown substantially softer (like the 330' you mentioned with your Krait) it's not getting into it's proper cruise speed, and they're prone to fly somewhat erratically, or at the very least they start to fade too early due to the lack of speed and won't give you a full flight. Using slower discs along the lines of speed 6-9 discs like the Leopard, TeeBird/TL, Eagle/EL, River, FD, Cyclone, Stalker or something like that enables you to get the discs to fly like they're designed to fly and gives more consistent results without having to strain yourself to get the darn thing going. And since you asked, a consistent 350' with a TeeBird is about right, once you're there or at least very near there you should take a more serious look at the wide rimmers.

You really shouldn't have a huge difference between discs that are so close to each other, like the Krait and the Nuke. I haven't thrown the Krait, but judging by my experiences with the Wraith, Archon and other speed 11 Innova discs the difference should be around 10', 20' at the most if both are thrown well, and since the Wraith is slower it's usually easier to control and get out that far. I throw around 400' and max out around 440' when I'm on a roll, and I still often think I shouldn't mess with the speed 13 drivers because I get more consistent and easier results with the speed 11-12 stuff.

As for how to learn how to throw longer, check the technique section. The technique primer, incomplete secret technique and especially the maxing out at 300' threads are gold mines.
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Re: What do you throw for max d?

Postby JR » Wed Aug 15, 2012 6:02 am

turso wrote:how I understood correctly that there's bubble quasars? How reliable are they in 150 weight? IE will they fade, or do they have a 50/50 risk of turning over and staying that way.

I have a 150 and it does turn from a flat full powered shot for me and comes back if thrown to above say 8´. The fade onset and speed of increasing hyzer angle in the fade reminds me of a Roc or a QOLS because each of those are slow to start to fade and not dump faders. Very tasty and almost unheard of at such long flights and low power requirement that even i'm able to throw them far. They don't need many degrees of initial hyzer to flip to flat for me at full power. I'm learning the disc but it is around 3-4 degrees for me. Last Wednesday i threw in Kaarina on one of the holes there are trees in the way so i didn't see when the disc flexed out but i'd say that the throw can't have been more than 9' high and i lost the sight of it behind the trees when the disc was annied at i guess 2/3 of the way of the flight. I don't know if the measurements of the hole at 130 meters is correct but was 3 m short and the disc had certainly faded because annied it was between two rows of trees. I found the disc to the left of the left tree line and of course i only got metal with my eagle putt. I was to the side so the putt was longer than 10' :-) I think around 30-36'.

Reliable? For a 150 400' thrower it ain't a headwind disc. It is fine in side winds of moderate speeds and it is great in rear winds. For 420'+ throwers i suggest getting the heaviest Zero G Quasars. The flight lines have to be seen to be believed. This is the major breakthrough to controllability of discs out to maximum distance. This is a new type of disc because it takes the great first step of lowering the fade and power requirement of the high PLH no droop of the outside edge VIP Kings so much further that the role of the disc changed. A driver for placement stretched out to max D. That is a novelty but of course it is a matter of taste to set the borders of added control and lessened fade so some could hail the good Kings as the first disc in that category. No matter how you look at it the light Quasars are versatile, controllable, straight with a proper hyzer flip and not really losing out practically at all in D. In fact the lowered power requirements shows in average distance going up for me. I wouldn't go as far as to say it is hard to mess up with this disc but it is easy to get things right with it. I recommend it also as the first step to warp speeders in light weights to 350' throwers. Thanks to the lower fade than the King. Another way to look at it is that i will buy a lighter than 150 to see how far i can push these because there is some margin left in the 150 for making max D s-curves. I'm thinking going boldly to upper floating weights. Even though that should be really too light for my power for reliability. I'm thinking 150 for everything else but hail Marys and having fun throwing faaaar on a field where a 138 or so comes to play.

One interesting difference to all earlier warp speeders is that with such a slow and minor fade i get to max D at lower heights. The skills needed to keep the nose down don't need to be honed to as high a degree as with other fast discs. That is another reason why this is a great first foray disc to warp speeders for developing players.
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Re: What do you throw for max d?

Postby Mike C » Thu Aug 16, 2012 9:09 am

I throw a worn to flippy 171 fr quasar. It has a good bit of high speed turn but still comes back if I don't oat it and there isn't a strong headwind. When I rip it nose down and a bit of hyzer it does a beautiful, controlled s curve and glides very well. Much different than my other more os Quaaars.
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