Flight Chart Update part 1

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Re: Flight Chart Update part 1

Postby jubuttib » Mon Sep 17, 2012 5:17 pm

Flat or domey doesn't have anything to do with high or low PLH and hence stability. Some discs go one way, some the other, some runs go one way, some runs another, there just is no consistent pattern. PLH is what matters most there (and the shape of the wing, but that doesn't change as hugely from run to run, usually), how domey or flat a disc is mainly matters when it comes to how well it'll glide.
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Re: Flight Chart Update part 1

Postby JR » Tue Sep 18, 2012 12:32 am

Sagecoast wrote:Rerail attempt:

After throwing the blizzards a lot I confirm the numbers on the Wraith, Katana and Destroyer, although I am a max Power 4 arm and the Destroyer did well for me. Concerning the Boss, it may be a "weird batch" there was a group of Katanas that came out that were very over stable.

I would be interested to hear a comparison Saint to River. Chart numbers on the River are not what I see, but I have light (166-171) gl and opto. I could see a -.5, +3 for a hefty opto, just can't throw one like it wants. :)

The Saint is faster and fades more with a little more flip in the one 167 GL i have vs 172 GL River. I don't know if that is normal relation or if i just have a weird one. People said Lat discs this year have had surprisingly understable behavior in some discs.
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Re: Flight Chart Update part 1

Postby Blake_T » Tue Sep 18, 2012 9:44 pm

The problems with flat vs domey are that you can't get accurate direct comparisons because:
A) when dome height differs between runs, rim shape and nose shape usually differ as well.
B) flashing
C) planetary alignment and horoscope luck

When i speak of "flat tendencies" or "domey tendencies" i think of the bike wheel with handles you probably saw at your local science museum or college physics course. At rest it's easy to turn its axis, when the wheel is spinning it's harder to turn.

If you had 2 bike wheels, 1 with spokes that were flattish leading to the handles and another that was domey/conical going to one handle, you would find the following to be true:
-While it is harder to move the axis of the flatter spoked wheel while it is spinning, once you get it turning it will continue to turn.
-while it is easier to get the axis of conical spoked wheel moving while it is spinning, it will only turn to a critical point, where moving beyond that point will be incredibly difficult.

again, this only works if you know other factors are the same.

I tend to think of these tendencies when comparing different models moreso than different runs of one model.

If you take like the flash, wildcat, early run pearl champ beast, early run pearl champ orc, crush, flat top star destroyer, starfire x, etc. you will find similar shapes to their flight when they are overturned, stalled, not turned over, etc. they also tend to "lock in" height-wise.

Similarly, if you take some notably domey discs like rivers, star eagle x, tl, jls, super domey orcs, domey strikers, flows, etc, you will find different tendencies... How they arch when they turn, lift patterns, etc. That are similar regardless of the disc's rim configuration.

These numbers are in no way quantified on the chart, nor do i wish to add a number since run variance is all over the place.
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Re: Flight Chart Update part 1

Postby masterbeato » Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:23 pm

CatPredator wrote:
Blake_T wrote:
Ryan C wrote:I find it very hard to believe that Dan is throwing Saints 580' on line drives. If he is capable of that, he could just show up and win every distance comp ever. I also think it goes to show that good form can make you throw far, but apparently doesn't make it so you can win many actual events.

I can assure you those distances aren't exaggerated. i'm also not sure how many distance contests you've been to...

as for distance contests, to the best of my knowledge dan has never competed in one.

as for not showing up and winning everything tournament-wise, i give him hell about that all the time :P

his power has increased this year and it has me shocked at how much power he has right now.

I seem to recall Dan talking about a distance comp 2 or 3 years ago where he threw a D crush close to 700' and bested Wiggins Jr. but it's a vague memory from a kegger... I imagine a big part of the reason you don't see him going to distance comps is because you win chump change. Big Jerm got $100 at Worlds this year. That doesn't even pay for gas money to drive out of state and back.

His power is pretty fricking amazing these days. Hopefully he can turn some heads at the USDGC if he makes it out there.

lol oh you guys!
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