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Postby money 21 » Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:19 am

Ok so I decided to drop weight in my mids down to the mid 160 like my drivers. Been throwing a lot of mids lately and my tendinites is acting up. I had an x-out QM in the closet for many year that i pulled out to use as I am broke as well. I am am pairing it with a 164 z hornet and a 166 x stratus.

So my ??? is how much less stable are the SMS and the MS then the q? I would like to beat in a ms to take the place of the stratus as they beat to roller real fast for me.

For reference I throw the qms between 300-325'
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Re: MS

Postby JR » Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:07 pm

I haven't thrown the SMS and got an MS used so i can't tell how quickly they wear but S is durable so the only chance is MS.
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Re: MS

Postby ADiscand3Plates » Wed Sep 12, 2012 6:32 am

For me. That ladder for the MS family looks like this.
SMS - The stable one of the bunch. And not going to break down a great deal.
Gummy QMS - My best approach disc. They will break down over time. Slowly. Keeps the back end.
AMS (MS) - Keeps the back end also. Just not as much as the Gummy Q. They will break down faster, but not fast.
CE QMS - Don't ask me why. This is the glider of the bunch. And the most neutral. Mine break to the right, not a big amount, and rarely turn back.

What I don't have is a stiff, non CE QMS. My guess is that it would sit between the SMS and the Gummy Q.
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