Overstable driver with lots of glide for sidearm thrower?

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Re: Overstable driver with lots of glide for sidearm thrower

Postby keltik » Mon Oct 29, 2012 6:06 am

I've had it quite a short time but on throws over 350 it goes straight and then fades hard. maybe I got lucky and got a good one.
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Re: Overstable driver with lots of glide for sidearm thrower

Postby JR » Mon Oct 29, 2012 12:56 pm

That's how mine flies in calm weather except i got it farther straight to around 360' and dropping quickly and not that far off to the side once the quick drop begins. Winding up maximally at around 380-390' IIRC. Skips and all in cool weather. In anything but the mildest headwinds it would turn. If the throw is not a very low one it will flex out before crashing down from reasonable annies. Which means that the angle ain't so steep that the disc drops to the ground at high speed short with no chance of slowing down for the flexing out to begin. To summarize my trouble it isn't reliable for me across all conditions. i think i need to look at VIPs and see how they are shaped and tune mine to that because i suspect mine has a lower PLH. Of the course dome needs to be inspected too. I'm willing to look into tuning this disc to factory spec VIP or the rest of the TPs if mine seems more understable than the rest. When i bought it it looked just like the rest of the TPs in my local store. So if the runs do not vary a lot the TP just ain't for me and i hope the reported and normal added HSS and LSS of the VIP shape transforms my TP into something usable. I've always thought that the Boatman was supposed to be a fairly wind neutral disc so seeing the not too far off line veering quick drop it seems like a disc i'd like to see as a reliable version and since i've already spent the money and am not getting the results others are with their discs...
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