What's up with Lighting?

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Re: What's up with Lighting?

Postby Jesse B 707 » Wed Oct 31, 2012 11:17 pm

No, the problem is that their plastic is about as tough as a stale starburst or a crayon.
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Re: What's up with Lighting?

Postby money 21 » Thu Nov 01, 2012 6:46 am

the pro-line stuff was tuff.
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i have seen monkey sh!t fights at the zoo more orginized then this.
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Re: What's up with Lighting?

Postby Hoey » Thu Nov 01, 2012 7:09 am

DiscSniper wrote:
Hoey wrote:they're drivers are slow, and they never kept up with the march towards Speed Infinity.

But slow does equal more control, and a bunch of them float at the right weights.

Nothing wrong with that, IMO. Most of the advice that I hear given to noobs is stay the hell away from the high speed stuff to begin with. There may be better discs out there in fairways, mids and putters, but I myself can basically write off anything faster than what's considered a fairway driver. I'm beginning to realize my limitations and don't have anything faster than a River in my bag right now(ok, I've got a 150 DX Valk in right now, but that's kind of the exception)

It would be better to see a noob with a #2 driver than Innova/Discraft-ludicrous-speed-driver to learn on would it not?

It just seems weird that nobody mentions their stuff. I guess that our society is just trained to always hafta have the latest and greatest.

I agree with you. Slow, controllable, and floats are great things for a beginner... hell even advanced players could put these to good use. Their plastic is pretty bad, but it's cheap. Cheap is preffered for a lot of players.

And they are definitely back in business now. There was a point though 2-3 years ago (that lasted about a year?), that he wasn't doing anything with Lightning. Sounds like he got his shit back together though and is back at it.
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