Disks for tomahawks and thumbers?

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Re: Disks for tomahawks and thumbers?

Postby Druid » Sat Apr 06, 2013 6:29 pm

Opto xXx and Z Flick seem to be the best for consistent distance, but you have to throw with a lot of power to get the full flight out of them. I have an Opto Trident that goes almost as far and doesn't require me to risk damaging my shoulde r to get it to work. Another option is the Z Flick in lighter weights. I have one at around 160g (I've seen them as low as 148g on EBay) that goes just as far as my max weight Flick (Maybe 5' less at most), and as an added bonus, it makes a great forehand driver as well. The only drawback is it gets blown around by the wind a little more, but I throw most of my thumbers in the woods so wind is less of an issue.

90% of the time, I reach for the Trident though.
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Re: Disks for tomahawks and thumbers?

Postby cmroorda » Sat Apr 06, 2013 10:28 pm

I have been throwing thumbers/tomahawks for most of my 18 year disc golf career. Best discs are overstable drivers. I have tried about every disc possible. Z predators are my personal choice fo their slow turn and predictable finish. I have used firebirds, whippets, banshees, nuke os, force, flick, trident, xxx, speed demon, spirit, evo blaze, xclone, extra, extreme(all z, optoor champ for durability). Always come back to the predators. After they get beat in they transition to a nice stable workhors driver.
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