2 disc rounds - how to choose?

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Re: 2 disc rounds - how to choose?

Postby PMantle » Wed Apr 03, 2013 12:10 pm

Just played 9. Conditions were misty/rain with mud everywhere. Did not bring towel, and that affected my drives a lot.

Star TL/Pro Dart

1. Hit an early tree. Second shot too far past. Easy 2 putt(E2P). +1
2. Not enough turn. Past basket. E2P. +1
3. Early release. Left of basket. E2P +1
4. Disc slip. Short of basket. E2P +1
5. Major slip-hit tree. Another slip-well short. E2P +2
6. Dart flying at basket. Hits tree. Make putt. +1
7. Dart just past. E1P Even
8. Another wet TL slip. Well short. E2P even
9. TL turned more than I expected. Hits tree ¾ way there. Approach to gimme. Even.

This just felt right. At no time did I think I needed a mid. I seem to putt really well with a Dart. Pretty sure this is my best 9 there ever. :lol:

Not saying this is in stone. Thanks for all the suggestions.
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