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Re: Champion Beast & Leopard

Postby Innovafan2562 » Thu May 23, 2013 2:01 pm

I've had a chance to throw and evaluate both discs. The Champ Beast was a replacement on another that was lost in the drink last season, so knew what to expect. The Champ Leopard has been a very pleasant surprise. Very good disc.
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Re: Champion Beast & Leopard

Postby JR » Mon Apr 18, 2016 4:44 pm

Lefty slow steps fit the 132 Blizzard Beast nicely because of the glide. It flips a little and fades in the end at about 260'. I did not have the time to see how it behaves with faster steps. A 150 C Valk flips a hair more and i did not get good enough throws to compare the fade. More attempts required. I did not try the Leos i have because i did not come across one before havings lots of discs to haul. Something to correct for sure. Traditionally the contenders for the Leo have been a Stalker and a QOLS and the Stalker i tried was a Ti that fades too much for preference so i need to try a Z and the QOLS worked well at slow and faster speeds. The QOLS has no bad features so testing the Leo is just crossing the tees and dotting the is. I am ready to be impressed though and go in without expectations to see what i can see with the Leo. I tossed a 162 C Beast that flips a few degrees at fast speeds and a 166 Pro that does not flip without a headwind. The latter goes straight to 320-330'. The QOLS only a few feet less. The QOLS stays straight longer at the only semi controllable speed for me which is slower than walking.
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