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Re: Longer comet

Postby riltim » Wed Jun 26, 2013 6:41 pm

I'm going to take the River and XL to the course to see how they stack up against the JLS on certain lines.
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Re: Longer comet

Postby JR » Wed Jun 26, 2013 10:42 pm

riltim wrote:
JeffzeNub wrote:
riltim wrote:Is there a disc out there that could be considered a longer comet? I'm trying out a JLS for this roll, and it seems to work OK, but I'm hoping for something better. Any thoughts?

I know exactly what you are talking about. The 2 comments above are pretty spot on, but you might not get the flight path you want straight out of the box so give it some time to beat in a little bit.

A Discraft XL is what answered this question for me, i bought a z plastic one though so it took about 4 months before it finally started to hold the line, but if I had bought it in elite x it probably wouldnt have taken as long

I have a 167 ESP XL that's in pretty good shape sitting in my basement. Maybe I'll dig that out and give it a whirl and pair it with an elite x XL if works out.

All the suggestions have the chance to work so i'd do a shootout between the XL and the River but i might have missed if someone mentioned the disc that has the highest potential for those flight characters a beat DX Leo. It cannot take ripping and it will flip even with a pure shot at power but get the hyer flip right and it floats straight. Take the power off and it flips less or not at all coming to Comet territory though and it still floats straight. The difference is that those Leos are much less HSS with a pure release vs pure release than the Comet. More like impure release with the Comet.
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