Disc selection to minimize beginner frustration

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Disc selection to minimize beginner frustration

Postby KRooster » Sun Jul 14, 2013 10:42 pm

I'm wondering if there is a difference between disc selection for beginners who are committed to continuing playing and self improvement, and beginners who have only a casual interest but who might be more serious if they see that they have some ability from the start.

My thinking is as follows. For a beginner committed to improvement, it may make sense to start with discs of more moderate weights (i.e. along the lines of the weights mentioned in Blake's "Choosing the Right Golf Disc" article). This way they'll be accustomed to throwing discs of the weight that ultimately they will learn how to throw.

For a beginner who only has casual interest, wouldn't it make sense to start with 150-class discs? It seems to me that this will minimize frustration, and give them the best first-impression of the sport.
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Re: Disc selection to minimize beginner frustration

Postby JR » Sun Jul 14, 2013 11:35 pm

HSS plays more of a part in masking form errors than weight which in 150 for most molds means less user error insensitivity. Flip a disc to ground and the sport does not seem fun when you do each time. Distance does not matter if the disc is on the ground going to whereever. That is why it is better to try 160s pretty HSS and lowish LSS disc. Lowish LSS because it won't tilt and drop in the fade immediately out of the hand but not the straightest finishing discs at lower power because then it would not flex out of an anny which are almost inevitable due to OAT.
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