Marketing of Innova discs

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Marketing of Innova discs

Postby KRooster » Sun Jul 14, 2013 11:04 pm

Is it just me, or does Innova do an INCREDIBLY poor job of marketing their discs from the perspective of getting more people interested in the sport? It's probably fair to say that the vast majority of people who go into a store to buy a disc are not throwing 350' or farther. Yet based on the disc selection I see when I go into stores, it's like they're expecting huge arms to be going there to buy discs, or they are intentionally trying to sell discs to beginners who will suffer immensely from trying to throw them (and probably just get frustrated with the sport).

Case in point, a friend told me he went disc golfing for the first time recently and that he bought a couple discs. I asked him what he bought, he said a Boss because it was the fastest one there. I was like, I throw 320-340' and I would never even consider trying a Boss... that would be insane.

These displays in stores are usually biased towards discs in the 170+ gram weight range, and I'd say 30-50% of the disc models are some of the fastest drivers on the market. Many in max weight and champion plastic. I mean, come on, what percentage of people that walk into their local sporting goods store looking for a disc would benefit in any way from purchasing a max weight champion destroyer? I've seen people throwing, for example, ultra-high-speed drivers on 230' holes frequently, how are they supposed to improve?

As another example, the Innova displays say that the Beast will give beginners greater distance (or something to that effect). Umm, no. Sure, maybe someone throwing over 300' could be considered to be a "beginner", but that's not what the average beginner who going to buy their first discs would consider a "beginner".

And it's not like Innova has competition; I have yet to see any other companies' discs sold in stores near me, except once a store had Discraft.

Innova, get your act together, you're hurting the sport.
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Re: Marketing of Innova discs

Postby abarker » Fri Aug 02, 2013 1:32 pm

Innova has some good information about which discs are best for beginners, but it's kind of hard to find. What they really need to do is modify their flight charts to include expected flight paths for beginners. That would deter a new disc golfer from buying anything too fast. I've been playing for almost two years now and can occasionally get a throw near 400 feet, but for me the high speed discs still turn a lot less, and fade a lot faster than the indicated flight paths.
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