Marketing of Innova discs

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Re: Marketing of Innova discs

Postby PMantle » Thu Jul 18, 2013 7:50 am

KRooster wrote:I just noticed that discraft has an amazing disc selection video for beginners on their website. It's incredibly comprehensive and accurate, but it's like 10 minutes long. I would really like to see these companies (particularly Innova) spend some time researching a effective way of communicating the basics of disc selection for beginners in a way that allows people to have a good experience as a beginner.

I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed the Discraft vids. Papa has a gift. Mark is no slouch. Really, really good info for someone new that has a lot of info to go through before really getting it. Mark C's vid for beginners is great too.
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Re: Marketing of Innova discs

Postby Yig » Fri Dec 13, 2013 10:18 am

andrew wrote:The concept of beginner friendly vs advanced player discs is too convoluted for Americans used to business models selling cheaper stuff called "beginner" and better quality, more expensive stuff called "expert" or "advanced." At the same price point, would you choose the beginner or advanced drum set, or the beginner or expert chef's knife?


"Stoopid Americans . . . ." (said in my worst attempt at a slavic accent) . Ego forbids us to use anything that insinuates that we aren't "the best".

I agree that there should be a better education/information system. I also noticed when going into the big chain sporting goods stores like Dicks Sporting Goods, Sports Authority , Champs , etc. (not a disc golf shop ) , their selection blows. Everything is in the mid to upper 170's , everything . Lots of high speed distance drivers , usually no explanation/charts of what discs are for what, etc.

I've been playing for about 15 years , and just started digging into forums and such this year. Some years I hadn't played very much, while other years I played 3 times a week when it was nice out,etc. That said, it wasn't until I started searching online forums that I really started understanding the nuances of different discs, and how they affected my game. Sure , after playing this long I could tell when I threw disc X if it was too high a speed for me to throw properly, but I have picked up on a lot of details this year.

I think there should be a push by Innova, Discraft, etc. to make better/more informative store displays and/or offer clinics at local sporting goods stores. I watched some of the videos with Mark Ellis of Discraft doing clinics , they are very informative , even after 15 years of playing.

Terms such as "beginner" put people off of choosing the correct disc. Perhaps using the words "experience level" or something similar would be a better way to get the point across.

I played for many years not having a clue about the sport , how to properly throw, what kind of disc I should be using, etc. Probably could have been reduced to a few months or a year , but the Internet wasn't what it is now, nor did I have access to it. A simple store display could have helped a lot, perhaps even a brochure explaining some basics . You could have a brochure with a few pointers on how to throw and what to throw , what the best discs to learn with are, etc.

Sorry for the rambling post.
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Re: Marketing of Innova discs

Postby twmccoy » Sun Dec 22, 2013 2:01 pm

Based on what I see people throw I agree that most new players know little about what discs would best suit them. I see all sorts of new players throwing discs that are WAAAY above their arm level. On the other hand rather than gear slower discs toward new players Innova is simply making their fast drivers in lighter weights so they are flippier and easier to throw for weaker arms. Heck, I found a Star lite Boss the other day at 142g. Thing feels like a paper plate. One other thing I've always disliked about Innova is that they have so damn many models out at once and the redundancy level in them is ridiculous.
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