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Postby bigs348 » Thu Mar 30, 2006 12:12 am

I got a 171g Star TeeRex the other day and I've taken it out the past few rounds that I played.

I don't find the ratings to be quite correct (0, 4) but I do really like it. For me it's basically what the Wraith should've been. It still turned a tiny bit on my huge rips, but was a bit more overstable and didn't turn nearly as much as a Wraith. I'd say that a long Champ Teebird is actually a pretty good comparison, or perhaps an Orc with better resistance to turn. Into moderate headwinds it did great and seemed to track a little bit to the right, but never actually turned over. A little bit of hyzer kept it on a straight line for the entire flight.
I was expecting a faster and longer Firebird, but it's basically just a much better Wraith. Either way, it's cool with me. Good disc. For huge headwinds, I think I would probably stick with a Predator, a Firebird, or something along that line, but for maybe sub-20mph winds, this will prob work great.
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