80% drives

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80% drives

Postby rodman » Sat Apr 08, 2006 1:48 pm

Well, how many times does one have to read something before it clicks into their brain and then into practice... I was throwing my multitude of discs this morning on a soccer field and i was visualizing holes on my home course. I was really giving it some umph and having mixed results.... my accuracy was actually pretty good but i was getting too much height and left fade late in the flight.

SO... i went to my tee bird L and my roadrunner as well as the always dependable leopard and I tried the very controlled yet still focused on distance drive.... It was about 80% power still with a big shoulder turn and man what a difference. I had no balloonning of the disc.... i had no huge hyzers, no uncontrollable fades. Just low straight drives that skip an extra 20 feet after landing. I was getting about 280-300 feet from these drivers with a very undercontrol runnup and release.

So... to answer my own question... how many times must one read something till it sinks in... for me.... half a dozen at least.

I must say... my current plan to play and then throw in open soccer fields a couple of times before I play again is working nicely. I am getting technique down on the fields and can concentrate on scoring and acutally playing while on the course.
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