buying a first practice basket, please advise.

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buying a first practice basket, please advise.

Postby topcide » Tue Apr 25, 2006 10:38 pm

im new to this forum so if something like this has been posted before i apologize.

im a amatuer player in my 3rd year. this last year ive seen my skill level jump by alot, but missing puts is killing my scores so ive decided to buy a practice basket. ive done some research and looked around and found more or less 3 different choices available. keep in mind i want only a metal basket, none of the fold up kinds or anything, i also know that ill pretty much have to add extra chains for the inner ring to which ever i choose.portability is not a huge thing, meaning a quick dissaembly is not a huge issue for me since it wont leave the backyard that much(but not one that has to be cemented), also, i live in michigan so it rains pretty frequently. i also want to keep it around $200-250. id also like to have it be PDGA approved so its relatively close to what ill find on courses.

the 3 baskets ive come across are below, any feedback, reviews, issues experienced or hearsay are greatly appreciated. also, any other baskets you guys might know of would be appreciated.

dga m-14- probly my last choice becase it looks cheap and everything ive read it gets bad reviews

innova discatcher sport-- looks good, but im worried about rusting and such since its not fully galvanized

lightning db-5- so far looks like what im leaning toward form what ive read.

thanks a ton
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Postby Blake_T » Tue Apr 25, 2006 11:05 pm

the db-5 is a tank compared to the other baskets.

the discatcher sport catches slightly better since its chains aren't as heavy, but in terms of durability and being solid enough to support additional chains, the db-5 is top of the heap in the sub $300 range.
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