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Postby Thatdirtykid » Thu Jun 01, 2006 7:35 am

spitfire wrote:progress report time
i can throw the rocs the farthest flying about 235 feet +/-
the putters came in around 185-200 feet and the wolf was about the same i threw each disc 4 times

I think you just made it obvious you dont need the wolf. all their shots can be covered by a short roc or a long putter.

teebird, leopard, tl, cyclone d all went about 250 +/-

Pick one teebird, tl, cyclone.
If you choose TL get a star TL it will compliment the pro, and be more versitle.

the dx beast, champ beast went about 275 +/-

and the valk dx and starfire pro went about 300

Sounds like the beast isnt your best choice, pick wether you like the valk or starfire.

are you throwing a overstable disc of any kind? A moderately overstable, and mabey an overstable disc would both have their place. If youre looking for just one overstable disc I would reccomend a Z avenger or Tsunami (havent tried trex) because they are almost overstable enough to take a preds spot, hold up well in the wind, but still get distance similar to a Z crush or similar.
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Postby spitfire » Thu Jun 01, 2006 12:56 pm

thanks dirty kid, i appretiate the help
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Postby Blake_T » Thu Jun 01, 2006 6:51 pm

TDK said what i would have said.
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Postby OldTyme » Mon Jul 17, 2006 5:49 am

I'll take that nasty old Wolf off your hands. :lol:

Not sure why everyone hates this disc.?.
(although I did at one point...till I learned it...almost sold it for $2.00, now I wouldn't sell it for $20 :shock: )

I guess it may be "unreliable" if you throw it differently every time you throw it.

Works great for a big anhyzer putter around obstacles. Or as a putter in general.

A side note is my Wolf is 170g. Nice & soft. Dead straight if thrown lightly (100'-150'). I throw it as a driver on a longer hole....270' with a late right turn....
I throw it fast & flat....it flys dead straight & starts turning right really late in it's flight.....Perfect. : )

I like it better than my first run 180 Wolf (for now...the 170 gets so much air time I haven't been working in my 180)

Back on topic since I'm bored too tears while I wait too go out & play : )

150g Star Valk - great disc, insane distances, great glide. Flat it will S, hyzered it will flip too flat.

159 Champ Sidewinder - same characteristics as my Valk. Equal distance.

155 Champ Teebird - nice & straight (when I play for the fade), never flippy. I can't seem too get the glide I can w/ the Valk & Winder

150 Star Sidewinder - extra 150g of weight in the bag. lol.

164 Champ Roadrunner - when I actually try too throw a roller. Not often.

170g Wolf - See above
180g Wolf - See above
174 DX Stingray. Another 174 of weight.

172g Glow Wizard - was my putter. Still may throw it every once in a while. Another 172g of weight : )
165g Pro Rhyno - Great putter for my style. I've only switched about a month ago & have noticed my putting improve. Maybe I'm just getting better at putting now I have a "style" but the softness of the discs (IMO) keeps it in the chains a bit better than my firmer Wizard.

Bag: Revolution Mini - Great bag.

As you can see I could take a few discs out but I never know when I'll feel "froggy" and try other things or "discover" a disc that I may not throw regularly.
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Postby Weebl » Mon Jul 17, 2006 7:41 am

150g Star Valk
159 Champ Sidewinder
150 Star Sidewinder
164 Champ Roadrunner*

155 Champ Teebird

170g Wolf - See above
180g Wolf - See above
174 DX Stingray. Another 174 of weight.

*All 4 of these discs are very similar in flight characteristics, it seems like you have an extra 450g you don't need :P I'm also suprised you don't use the stingray in the same roll as the wolf. It would have similar flight characteristics.
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