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Postby Pagan » Sat May 27, 2006 5:06 pm

Blake_T wrote:people ask this a lot and the key is to be stronger mentally :P
most people focus wrong when they putt. they try to make the putt. what you need to do is pick where you will aim before you even step up to the marker and then focus on executing your putting technique. i know what a good putt feels like so my goal is therefore to achieve the good putt feel. i know based on how the putt feels coming out and what my hand looks like when the putt leaves whether or not the putt is in.

there is no make or miss, only execute or failure to execute.

Ahhh then I should use the same mental technique for my putting as I do for my driving... Today I was having an awesome drive day. Not so much long but accurate as hell. I dueced two holes back to back on the second round. the first round I was hot too. I wasn't trying so hard to through it far or even on specific angles and planes. I was just shrugging it off stepping up the back of the pad aiming only with my step-up and just thinking only about how the disc felt in my hand, and focusing on my release.

I'll try to do that with my putting. Today I was making a conscious effort to ballerina putt and I was doing much better. Hell I was sinking putts from 30' and further. Still botched the putt for a duece on 11 TWICE today but I can't complain too much. I walked out 1 over in 25 mph winds and gusts over that. We are actually in a severe thunderstorm warning area. (ok so I'm an addict)

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