Beginner to Buy Just One Discraft Disc - Which?

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Postby geographyhorse » Thu Jul 27, 2006 1:43 pm

I have been throwing the new Slipstream GT.... seems like it would be a nice disc for beginners. The groove top would help them keep the nose down and it isn't terribly overstable (more comparable to an XS). Other Discraft beginner discs include D and X Cyclones, D and X XLs, X XSs, Any version of the Buzzz, although I personally believe the Groove Top version is the best. The Comet, Hawk..... I would reccomend begginers stick with a good old fashioned Magnet or Banger GT for a putter. There are easier putters such as the X and Z Puttr's, but it is useful to actually learn how to putt as opposed to using dummy discs.
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Postby BHW » Thu Jul 27, 2006 7:16 pm

I consier myself a beginner. I've played off and on casually for over 10 years. But only recently started playing frequently with the intentions of finally learning good technique. I bought a Discraft XL in the mid 160s, the basic plastic...Pro D I think? Anyhow, after I made myself throw it a few dozen times practicing on a baseball field, it finally "broke in" for me. That XL was my favorite straight driver. I could through it as long as any other disc I've thrown, and it flew very straight. Unfortunately I lost this disc yesterday...along with my 2nd favorite driver. But give the XL a shot, and stay away from premium plastics. Premium plastic discs (Champion, Elite Z, etc) are not good for beginners. Those disc will have little to none of the flight characteristics of a DX or basic plastic disc. I have Champion versions of all my favorite DX discs, and none of them are similar, in the least bit.
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