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Sinus SP!

Postby Ultium » Tue Jul 25, 2006 4:04 pm

First, I am new here. I have been coming to these forums for about a month, but this is only my second or third post. Hi everyone, nice to meet you.

I have only been playing discgolf for six months. In that time I am amazed at how much I have learned, and even more amazed at how much I have left to learn. I tell you this only so you have some gauge on the value (or lack there of) of my opinions about the Sinus.

For three weeks now I have been testing three putters extensively:

1.) Wizard

2.) Rhyno

3.) Sinus SP

I started doing this because I really do not like the Omega Supersoft I have been using. It simply does not work for me. I have tried the Aviar, but I am clumsy with deep rim discs.

Anyway, while I like all three putters the Sinus came out on top. This really is a remarkable disk.

For me, the most important thing in a putter when putting from 35-45 feet inward is the way it feels in my hand. The Sinus fits into my hand as if it were custom made. Just picking it up gives me confidence. No other putter I have used feels quite as good, but the Wizard is a close second.

The grip pads on the top actually made me skeptical at first. I try to read up on all new discs coming out and when I read about the Sinus the grips sounded gimmicky to me. However, having used the disc I can tell you that if you do not like the grips you will hardly notice them. They are smartly placed and do not get in the way if you don’t want to use them. There are three grip pads each a bit more grippy than the last. I find myself always using the most grippy pad. Since my putting grip tends to be a bit more lose and relaxed, I find that on rare occasions the putter slips a bit left or right just before release. This is not common and is probably a form issue, but the Sinus corrects the problem for me. As well, I see some damn good players slip on their put from time to time. The Sinus gives me the confidence of not having to worry about it.

The quality of the plastic is good. After three weeks of heavy tree play the disc has no significant damage, and I use it typically from 175 feet inward. The plastic for the SP was designed more with touch in mind than durability (it is a bit soft but firm enough). I think it would outlast pro plastic but not star or champion.

Yes, it is a little overstable but not much. You can pretty much throw it on a very straight line for about 100 feet. Throw further and you will notice the left turn a little more. The fade at the end is very slight. Currently, I throw the Sinus anywhere form about 175 in and am very confident in my accuracy with this disc at that range.

The disc will stick where it lands very well. As well, I have yet to see the disc roll away from me. Both the Rhyno and Wizard have rolled on me, but it is very rarely.

If you have never tried the Sinus I recommend at least finding one at the store just to grip it. I think it is one of those rare discs that a person can fall in love with at first grip. I know I did and my putting game has shown improvement.

I cannot tell you how the plastic compares to other Latitude discs because Sinus is the only one I have thrown. I cannot find any other Latitude discs at my local stores, and I prefer to hold a disc before I buy. I am hoping that changes soon.

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