Discs for trade??????

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Discs for trade??????

Postby Tye_Dye_Disk » Sun Aug 27, 2006 2:14 am

these disc i want to get rid of just because i have to many and these i just dont use, so hopefully i can trade them for something i can use!
rated 6-10 and 10 being In great shape.

1. AEROBIE EPIC. This is a Ultra Long Range Driver. It's 166g-169g. rate this at a 10. Its bright green :D

2. DISCRAFT COMET X-OUT. This is a Stable mid-range Driver. It's 0 stability and is 173g-174g. Its all Black. EliteX. Rate this at a 9. :D

3. INNOVA AVIAR #1. This is a putter/Approach. It's 167g. This disc is red in color with Blue foil Print. Rate this at a 10.

4. DISCRAFT WILDCAT ELITE-Z. This is a overstable extra Long driver. It's 174g. This disc is a 1.5 stability. Color is A clear Bright Orange. Rate this at a 10. :D

5. DISCRAFT TALON ELITE-X. This disc is a Overstable Extra Long Driver. It's 169g. Stability is 2overstable. Color is Blue/grn/red/whit Dyed. Rate this at a 8. :D

6. DISCRAFT CHALLENGER ELITE-X. This disc is a Putt/Approuch. It's 170g-172g. Stability is overstable 1. Color is Blue/pink/white/grn Dyed. Rate this at a 10. pretty much brand new.

Discs im looking for is any 150 class disc, or a CRUSH in Dyed or in any weight. would also like 180g or up class disc? :)

Please let me now what you have. Thank you for your time.
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