As of 11/01/2K5

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As of 11/01/2K5

Postby alerik » Sun Oct 30, 2005 2:48 am

Innova DX/Pro/Champion All Near New Condition
174 g. C. Orc
175 g. C. Beast
UKN g.C. Viking ( Feels like > 170 grams)
173 & 174 g. C. Valkyre (174 Tye-Dye)
178 g. C. Shark
177 g. C.Coyote ( I like spiders better)
168 g. C. Aviar

168 g. DX Firebird
175 g. DX Banshee
174 g. DX Eagle

170 g. Polaris LS (personal Favorite)
166 g. H. Spirit

174 g. Z Crush
173 & 172 g. Z. Wildcat
174 g. Z. Wasp (Have MRV much better)

Let Me Know What You Need, Maybe We Can Work A Deal
Will Let You Know Of Any Changes.
If I can't beat you now, I will practice until I can.
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Postby mkpowers » Sun Oct 30, 2005 8:34 pm

Are you selling or trading?

I have a Champion Firebird (175) that I don't need anymore.
I like the Champion Viking or the Z Wasp.
PM me on here if you want to deal.
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