15-18 Disc bag, w/ frame and backpack straps.

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15-18 Disc bag, w/ frame and backpack straps.

Postby Thatdirtykid » Wed Jan 31, 2007 11:37 pm

Package: Innova Deluxe Bag w/ or w/ o a home made frame, and gateway backpack straps. (also include the origional strap, which i studded by hand)

The worst of the wear is a small hole where the frame has rubbed the bag on the ground. I had had vynal tape on the bottom of the bag, but just removed it becuase it was beginning to wear. It is an easy fix and will add years to the bags life.

Gateway Straps Retail http://discgolf.gottagogottathrow.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/4/products_id/351
Innova Deluxe Retail

Bag with frame discs inserted.
The image shows 16 Discs, however there is room for a driver past the end of the frame, and two putters in the putter pocket.

Frame is not in new perfect shape like that anymore, glue was added to keep ends from slipping off. Also wire conduit was added so the discs would stand even if the bag is not full.

bag again

I am asking 32$ for the bag and frame + 8$ shipping
or Im asking 30$ for the bag w/ dividers +5$ shipping

that or I am always interested in trades. I could always use Preds, SOLF, SOLS, Sabres, Wasps, Wizards, Whitlers.
Also consider trades for Hybrids, Cyclones, Gazelles, XL's, JLS TL's Buzzz's Cobras, putters or any new disc. I help run our schools DG club and always need discs for prizes or to hand out to newbs to get them in the game w/ the right discs in their hands. (if the plastic is new, i can accually get some cash back from the school too)
thanks for looking
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