134 discs!

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134 discs!

Postby tmccoy196374 » Fri Mar 09, 2012 10:59 pm

Make Plastic Model Color Weight
Discraft ? ? Purple ?
Discraft ? Ace Race 2011 Orange 179
Discraft ? Ace Race 2011 Red 182
Discraft ? Eclipse White ?
Discraft ? X2 White 170
Discraft DX Buzzz White 169
Discraft Elite X Wildcat Blue 174
Discraft Elite X XL Blue 170
Discraft Elite Z Hornet Orange 174
Discraft Elite Z Spectra Multi-Colored ?
Discraft ESP Buzzz Light Green 178
Discraft ESP Impact White 150
Discraft FLX Buzzz Blue 178
Discraft FLX XL Green ?
Discraft FLX XL White 168
Discraft Pro Squall Yellow ?
Discraft Pro-D Ringer Yellow 172
Discraft Pro-D Venom Light Blue ?
Discraft SS Buzzz Orange 175
Discraft Z Stalker Blue ?
Eco-Disc ? Driver Orange ?
Eco-Disc ? Putter Pink ?
Gateway ? ? Off-White 175
Gateway ? ? Off-White ?
Gateway Pro-Line Element Yellow 180
Gateway Prototype High Speed Driver Brown 175
Gateway SSS Wizard Blue 175
Gateway Supersoft Wizard Orange 168
Gateway Supersoft Wizard Orange 175
Halex ? ? Orange 163
Innova Champion Ape Blue 170
Innova Champion Banshee Yellow 173
Innova Champion Banshee Yellow ?
Innova Champion Destroyer Pink 175
Innova Champion Groove Blue 174
Innova Champion Groove I-Dye ?
Innova Champion Groove Yellow 171 Spray Painted
Innova Champion Katana Pink 175
Innova Champion Katana Red 175
Innova Champion Monarch White 170
Innova DX ? White ? Spray painted silver.
Innova DX ? Yellow ?
Innova DX Aero Yellow ?
Innova DX Aviar White ?
Innova DX Aviar Yellow ?
Innova DX Banshee Blue 167
Innova DX Banshee Light Blue 172
Innova DX Banshee Orange 146
Innova DX Banshee White 162 Spray Painted
Innova DX Banshee White 169
Innova DX Beast Blue ?
Innova DX Beast Blue ?
Innova DX Beast Orange 165
Innova DX Beast White ?
Innova DX Beast Yellow 170
Innova DX Birdie Yellow 150
Innova DX Cobra White 172
Innova DX Destroyer Blue 177
Innova DX Destroyer Orange 177
Innova DX Destroyer White 150 Spray Painted
Innova DX Destroyer White 167 Spray Painted
Innova DX Destroyer Yellow 178
Innova DX Dragon Red 150
Innova DX Eagle Light Blue ? Spray Painted
Innova DX Eagle Yellow 176
Innova DX Firebird White ?
Innova DX Firebird White ?
Innova DX Gator Blue 168
Innova DX Gazelle Green 173
Innova DX Goblin White 168
Innova DX Gremlin Yellow 175
Innova DX Leopard Blue 150
Innova DX Leopard Orange 150
Innova DX Leopard Orange 150
Innova DX Leopard Purple 150
Innova DX Leopard Red 150
Innova DX Orc Blue 172
Innova DX Polecat Orange ?
Innova DX Raven Orange 167
Innova DX Roc Orange 177
Innova DX Roc Red 179
Innova DX Roc Red 177
Innova DX Roc Red 147
Innova DX Roc Red 170
Innova DX Roc Yellow 180
Innova DX Shark Blue 150
Innova DX Shark Orange 180
Innova DX Shark Peach 171
Innova DX Shark Purple 177
Innova DX Shark Red 150
Innova DX Shark Red 160
Innova DX Shark Yellow 150
Innova DX Shark Yellow ?
Innova DX Shark Yellow-Green ?
Innova DX Stingray Red 179
Innova DX Stingray White 180 Spray Painted
Innova DX Stingray Yellow 167
Innova DX Teebird White 169 Spray Painted
Innova DX Valkyrie Pink 169
Innova DX Valkyrie Red 167 Spray Painted
Innova DX Valkyrie Red 166
Innova DX Valkyrie Yellow ? Spray Painted
Innova DX Valkyrie Yellow 165
Innova DX Viking White 168
Innova DX Viper Blue 169
Innova DX Viper Blue 175
Innova DX Viper Light Blue 170
Innova DX Viper Red 173
Innova DX Viper White ? Spray Painted
Innova DX Whippet Red 174
Innova DX Wolf Blue 174
Innova DX Wolf Yellow 150
Innova DX Wraith Orange 150
Innova DX Wraith Red 172
Innova DX Wraith Red 168
Innova DX Wraith Red 170
Innova DX Wraith Yellow 175 Spray Painted
Innova DX X-Clone Blue ?
Innova DX Beast Pink 171
Innova DX Glo Roc White 164
Innova Millennium Driver Green ?
Innova Millennium EXP1 Blue-Green 175
Innova Pro Destroyer Yellow 168
Innova Pro Starfire Blue 175
Innova Pro Starfire I-Dye 170
Innova Pro Starfire Off-White 171 Spray Painted
Innova Pro Wraith I-Dye 172
Innova Pro Wraith Yellow ?
Innova Star Beast Red 168
Innova Star Boss Red 172 Spray Painted
Innova Star Boss White 169
Innova Star Coyote White 175 Spray Painted
Innova Star Destroyer Green 175
Innova Star Destroyer Pink 171
Innova Star Katana Off-White 172
Innova Star Katana White ?
Innova Star Katana White 168
Innova Star Monster Yellow 175 Spray Painted
Innova Star Monster Yellow ? Spray Painted
Innova Star Roadrunner Orange 175
Innova Star Roadrunner White 170
Innova Star Teebird Red 175
Innova Star TeeRex Red 168 Spray Painted
Innova Star Tee-Rex White 170
Innova Star XCaliber Orange ?
Innova DX Banshee Deep Purple 148
Innova DX Beast Red 169
Innova DX Leopard Sky Blue ?
Millennium LS Polaris Wine Red 175
Quest Raging Inferno DT Orange 170
Vibram X-Link VP Red 174

Shoot me a price on any of these. If you have any questions on the condition post as a comment so everybody else can see it. Will post pictures upon request. 3 dollars shipping for first disc, 2 dollars for second, and negotiable over that.

Edit: 4-17-2012 Updated shipping cost for more then 2 discs. Updated the list completely. Side note: I have some discs in there that have been spray painted. These discs aren't regulation for tournaments but will show up a lot better in the woods if you're just using them for rec play. Also, the disc count is up to 152 with the addition of the spray painted discs.
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Re: 134 discs!

Postby Fritz » Sat Mar 10, 2012 11:45 am

You still in CO McCoy?
Looks like the waters have been kind.
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Re: 134 discs!

Postby niuvalleycane » Sat Mar 10, 2012 5:46 pm

condish on the *Destros please
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Re: 134 discs!

Postby neilz4 » Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:02 am

condition on the flx buzz and pics?
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Re: 134 discs!

Postby phatbeater » Wed Mar 14, 2012 3:49 am

Price, condition and weight of I-dye wasp please. Oh and maybe a picture or 2 please :)
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Re: 134 discs!

Postby Bleedblue34 » Mon Apr 16, 2012 8:11 pm

I sent you a private message, please let me know what we can do
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Re: 134 discs!

Postby veganray » Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:17 pm

Gremlin pic please
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Re: 134 discs!

Postby tmccoy196374 » Tue Apr 17, 2012 7:34 pm

Sorry guys, I am not at a computer very often so I can only respond to PM's within a timely manner. Fritz: I am currently in Illinois and the weather has been amazing. I played all the way through the winter with ease. As for the condition of the destroyers: http://oi39.tinypic.com/348kobt.jpg Condition of the FLX Buzzz is that it's blue; 178g; kinda scratched up but that's all superficial, I can't find one imperfection when feeling the ouside edge; Top plate is in good condition; This picture doesn't do it justice: http://oi39.tinypic.com/1267kux.jpg . And here's the Gremlin pic you requested: http://oi44.tinypic.com/350pkls.jpg . I'm really sorry that I didn't get back to you guys until now. Please PM me if you're interested in any of the discs. Thanks, Tom McCoy
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