Selling Several Discs

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Selling Several Discs

Postby JamesC » Sun Apr 29, 2012 10:10 am

Add $2 to price for shipping unless buying more than one disc in which shipping will be free.

Champion Groove, 171g, green w/ black stamp 8/10: $8
Z Avenger SS, 170g, yellow w/ black stamp 8.5/10: $9
Star SL, 170g, white w/ gold stamp 8.5/10 few small ink marks on top: $10
Star Vulcan, 171g, white w/ blue stamp 9.5/10: $10
Champion Ape, 175g, lime w/ blue stamp 9.5/10: $10
Champion Panther, ???G, blue disc stamp gone with some water stains and no ink 8/10: $8
Millenium Standard JLS, 173g, red w/ silver stamp 7.5/10: $5
Star Teerex, 171g, lighter blue dye with blue stamp 9/10: $10
SOLD-KC Pro Firebird 10x, 173g, white w/ black stamp (kid got ahold of it has moderate ink on top and rim of disc) 7.5/10: $8
KC Pro Gazelle 11x, ???G, blue w/ rainbow stamp (semi faded) 8/10: $20
SOLD-DX Whippet, 155g, white w/ purple stamp (completely faded) 7/10: $4
Pro D Avenger SS, 173g, white w/ gold stamp 8/10: $4
DX Cheetah, 175g, red w/ green stamp 5.5/10: $3

Willing to sell whole lot shipped for $75 (minus cost of already sold discs).
Willing to trade for Orcs/Archons 160-165g Destroyers 165-168g Pulse 165-168g Teedevils 165-168g. PM with disc name if you would like a pic.
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Re: Selling Several Discs

Postby neilz4 » Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:14 am

I'm interested in the 10x KC Firebird. Pics? I'll probably take it, just wanna see it first ;)
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